Brazil: Inauguration of Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center – Latin America


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On January 12 and 13, 2019, Brazil’s Headquarters hosted a truly wonderful event,  2019 World Tour – Hyojeong Cheongpyeong Brazil Especial Event. This event included an inauguration of the cheongpyeong heaven and earth training center heavenly Latin America branch and inauguration of the branch president kim seong nam. 1,200 members of the unification family attended this event.

Program began on the first day, in the morning, with the Ceremony of the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center for a Heavenly Latin America Branch and Inauguration of the Branch President.

Rev. Shin Dong Mo, UPF Regional President in South America, gave the welcome remarks. On this occasion the Group’s Regional Chairman, Rev. Sang Suek Kim, gave the words of congratulations.

Following the program, we had the Inaugural Address by Rev. Kim Seong. He explained about the foundations of Cheongpyeong’s providence and the advancement of the process of liberation and blessing of the ancestors, thanks to every jeongseong made by True Parents and their direct mastery of Cheongpyeong’s spiritual work. He emphasized that with the providence of the branches, all the blessed families should hurry to fulfill the deliverance and Blessing of the ancestors up to 430 generations under the command of True Parents.

During his inaugural address speech, he bequeathed the Candle of All Things to the Rev. Kim Sang Suek, Rev. Shin Dong Mo and to the five leaders of the Sub-regions of Heavenly Latin America as a foundation to inherit the heavenly fortune.

Special Lectures

In the afternoon, we had a Special Lectures about the Cheongpyeong Works, by Mr. David Pereyra, Lecturer Heavenly Latin America Cheongpyeong Branch and words by Rev. Kim Seong Nam. In addition, we had a video presentation on Yeoksa Session.

Chanyang Yeoksa Session

Rev. Kim Sang Suek, Rev. Shin Dong Mo and the leaders of the 5 sub-regions participated actively in the seminar and Chanyang sessions, centered on Branch Leader Rev. Kim Seong Nam.

On the morning of the second day, during the HDH, President Koichi Sasaki, leader of sub-region 1 (Brazil) spoke about the Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission that all the blessed families should assume as an absolute.

Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune Hyojeong Offering Ceremony for Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune was held in this beautiful and exciting ceremony, at this time the members prayed fervently to Heavenly Parents and True Parents for their desires and for solving personal problems. The Hyojeong letters were consecrated to Heaven.

Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop and Ancestor Blessing Ceremony:

We had the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, (Chanyang Session 60 minutes). The brothers and sisters felt great emotions and had many spiritual experiences in this wonderful moment when all can liberate and bless their ancestors by changing their lineage to the side of Heaven by expanding the foundation of Cheon Il Guk, spiritually as well as physically.


Para encerrar o evento foi organizado as apresentações para o entretenimento. Então, os membros do CARP Full e de 2ª geração apresentaram música erudita, Ballé modermo e no final todos juntos cantaram At the end to fibish with a great spirit, we had the entertainment. Then, the members of the CARP-Brazil and 2nd generations presented classical music, modern ballet and in the end, members and the central figures sang together the song Sarang Hae.

At the conclusion of the whole event, all the participants expressed great joy and gratitude to True Parents for this unprecedented grace! With the opening of the Cheongpyeong branch in Latin America, Brazil, the members of Latin America really felt the great love that Heavenly Parents and True Parents are spreading over the continent.

Spiritual Experience in the Ancestors Liberation Ceremony

Natália Lima: First of all I thank Heavenly Parents and True Parents for having this unique opportunity in this age, the first day I was normal when the chanyang yeoksa session began, I felt there were many people around me at that moment and I felt a chill and Lavender smell, one of the staff put his hand on my head and I felt such a great love and I heard “daughter I am taking care of you”. At that time my headache and my worry is gone. I just thought, “I want to feel this love forever”. Thanking the Heavenly Parents and True Parents for all that they have been doing in my life. Father and Mother I love you.

Mariluz: While I was singing, I felt and that there are millions of people screaming, who seek our help to become children of True Parents (with the 430 tribal messiahs) in a moment I changed of chair to a place that always sit and suddenly I saw a light arise, the image looked like a ladder, and moments later it became black and white and then disappeared, I felt very good

Anonymous: At the moment of clapping in chanyang session, I saw a large cracks opening as if the ground were opening like a fissure, and I saw several spirits hanging, as if they were falling. Suddenly I saw angels pulling them and those spirits that the ancestors had not rescued ended up falling on the precipice screaming. It was very sad to see but the angels formed a chain and removed the spirits of the precipice I saw a lot of then shouting and crying. I also saw many ancestors making the same ceremony that we were doing here really just watching to believe we often act as deaf and blind we talk and we see everything but in reality, we do not see anything.

Iorrana Priscilla dos Santos: My experience was  feel my body very weak and my ancestors very close to me, my head  was hurting a lot and after the beginning of the ceremony the headache stopped suddenly, I can not explain why, but I cried a lot, and  constantly felt chills. After hitting my body strongly I felt as if my body was healing and I felt that the sins that my family has been carrying for a long time was disappearing. I felt my spiritual sensitivity increase and I could hear many cries from women saying that they did not want to leave my body, so I started praying for True Parents to take care of me and protect me, I felt a very strong connection with my ancestors, I write this letter with great gratitude to Heavenly Parents and the True Parents for providing me with this unique moment in my life, Adju!

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