Bolivia: Inauguration of YSP


Prepared by UPF Bolivia

In this new year, year of the Golden Pig, by the spiritual movement and the hard work of our True Father in heaven and true Mother on earth, many miracles are happening.

Since True Mother founded the YSP, each country started to work with the youth and organizations, our country (Sub Region 3 of Latin America) joined this work to focus on youth providence.

Despite the little preparation time, during the International seminar that was taking place on January 10, 2019 it was possible to officially launch the YSP Launch, at the the facilities of the University of Gabriel Rene Moreno. We had about 300 particiapnts.

Miraculously there was a massive positive response from the guests, despite the fact that Young students are in academic recess there was a great participation, a experience letting us occupy the auditorium hall of the faculty of humanities, although there was still no academic functioning, it was truly amazing because Different international, national and departmental authorities were present.

The event with a video presentation about the YSP, which continued with an explanation about the meaning and purpose of YSP. After that, we had some words from national authorities from the city. After that, we had an oath of commitment for the young people and others to work for the good of our country and the world. Latin American Emissary Rev. In Soung Kwon, was with us during this event.

At the second part of the event, we had entertainment, including singing songs and dance by the Youth, who showed their energy for spreading Peace.

With the participation of 300 youth, there are much expectation to work this year with authorities and organizations in the country. All the participants including authorities gave their words of commitment and support for this project that will be carried out during the year.


Rev. In Soung Kwon (Emissary of Latin America): “I am surprised by the young people in Bolivia, I visited different countries where the YSP was launched, but the great difference of Bolivia was that in one place it was able to concentrate different organizations and national representatives or departmental, for that reason I see a lot of hope “.

Yobana Jordán (National Deputy): “Peace is not only the absence of war, but also knowing how to build a better world, so I support this initiative of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon”

Yesenia Yarhui (National Deputy): “I am the youngest deputy, as well as my colleague I agree that it is a great initiative for our country” I am part of YSP.

Anderson Soria (Director of Youth of the Government): “In Bolivia the largest percentage of the population are the youth, and we have to educate and guide young people to be good leaders, we feel committed to supporting the YSP”.

Roger pinto (President of the social forces): “We also look for this same objective and with the YSP we want to work to advance for the good of our society, for that we congratulate the launch of YSP”.


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