Benin: Leaders’ Assembly

Prepared by FFWPU Benin

On December 29 and 30, 2018 we held a leaders assembly in our headquarters. At the opening of the assembly, our National Leader spoke on five major challenges of the National Restoration for the year 2019:

  1. Success of the Cheongpyeong Seminar in Benin in February 2019,
  2. Organization of Benin’s National Benediction of 7500 to 10,000 Couples,
  3. Holding of the African World Summit in Benin,
  4. Renewal and update of the different educational structures, namely local centers, provincial centers, etc.
  5. Education of blessed couples for the Tribal Messiahship and the opening of educational centers in the areas of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs.

It was also an opportunity to present the members of the Technical Committee for Assistance and National Executive Office of the FFWPU-Benin and Affiliated Organizations composed of former leaders and resource persons to support National Providence through their experiences and expertise. Arrangements have been made to organize at the national level 40 Day Condition based on the instructions of the 40-day continental condition from January 1 to February 9, 2019.

Then there was an exhortation of the Special Adviser, Rev. Pierre Amoussouvi, our first National Leader of Benin who addressed the need for all generations to work together regardless of their age. He appealed to all the forces of national providence to work together.

Then there was group’s discussion and reflection: four groups looked at the 5 major challenges of 2019 as well as the holding of the first meeting of the Technical Assistance and Advisory Committee.

Finally, Special Envoy, Rev. SASAKI, spoke on the history of Benin to reassure the Leaders for on the basis of firm conviction and determination they advance towards the achievement of the vision 2020.

With renewed hope, the Leaders renewed their commitment to national restoration and made Benin a Cheon IL Guk nation in 2020.

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