Benin: A Visit to Revive the Youth


Prepared by YSP Benin

Rev. SEKA Philbert, President of YSP Africa, and Mr Koji Matsuda, International Vice President of YSP, arrived in Benin respectively on January 13 and January 14, 2019 for a joint working visit to Benin, which extended to 17 January 2019.

During their stay, the two emissaries held two meetings with more than 20 young leaders and members of YSP Benin and strengthened their capacity on international programs and activities to better guide initiatives at the local level. Returning to the context and the challenges of the creation of YSP by the True Mother, its mission, its vision and its values, the international delegation instilled more the young leaders of YSP Benin the heart of the True Parents and reinvigorated them to contribute to the realization of Vision 2020. The young leaders of YSP Benin expressed their gratitude to the delegation for giving them enough energy to move forward and fulfill the Heavenly Parent’s Dream.

In addition, the delegation visited CARP Center in Abomey-Calavi where a nursery of 5000 Moringa plants is made from recycled bags and was able to touch the realization of the project 10,000 Moringa plants by visiting a field of the FFWPU, located in the commune of Abomey-Calavi and where a part of the plants is transplanted.

The two leaders of YSP International also met Beninese authorities and presented them the initiatives of YSP that could contribute to Benin’s influence. They proposed to the Director of Youth and community life representing his minister responsible for tourism, culture and sports, the holding in Benin of a rally of 20,000 young people this year.

Similarly, it was formulated to the Departmental Director of Secondary Education, Technical and Vocational Training of Ouémé, the desire to make his department, comprising 85 public colleges and a hundred private institutions, the model for the character education and for the Moringa planting project in schools.

In addition, Mr. Koji Matsuda and Seka Philbert launched the Youth Peace Ambassadors Council after a cocktail of exchange and training around the Peace Designer Project, in which 18 Young Peace Ambassadors took part including leaders of youth organizations and other leaders at various levels.

Also, they visited the former mediator of the Republic of Benin and promoter of “The House of Peace”, Professor Albert Tevodjrè, with whom, they exchanged on a partnership of development of the project Moringa and other peace initiatives through interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

The delegation also visited Malanwi College, located in Adjarra commune, where the Character Education Program is being implemented. They exchanged with the director of the college then animated an education session on the four areas of the heart for the benefit of a hundred student leaders in the presence of the director and members of the administration.

We also had a general meeting with some 100 young members of the YSP Benin including CARP students, some students benefiting from the character education program and school leaders. Mr. Koji Matsuda spoke about great activities lead by True Mother in 2018 and presented the YSP and its worldwide activities. He invited participants to make Benin, the world leader in the character education program and Moringa project in the world. During this meeting, students who attended the character education sessions testified that the program has changed their lives. The Director of Studies at the Christ Redeemer School Complex testified that the program has improved student achievement at his school and has achieved a 100% success rate at the BEPC at the end of the 2018 academic year.

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