Austria: HARP Workshop

HARP Austria WWS 2018/19


By Tanja Hirschmann, FFWPU Austria

This time our HARP winter workshop held on December 28 2018 to January 3, 2019 in Gaflenz. The motto was “Let’s Elevate!” We had 19 participants and together with the staff, there were 30 people.

The topics were:

  • The Heart of True Mother: Suzuko Hirschmann
  • Cultivating Loving Relationships: Zita Kiedler
  • The Importance of True Self-Love: Jasmin Brunnbauer
  • Purity & I: Zita Kiedler
  • Blessing & I: Jasmin Brunnbauer & David Stacey
  • Guiding others through becoming a True Person: José Suarez & Tanja Hirschmann

The HARP members were very grateful for all the precious inputs, and they also had a lot of fun. It was the first workshop with Tanja Hirschmann as National HARP leader.

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