Australia: Sharing True Mother’s Heart and Love

Prof. Yeon Ah Moon visits Melbourne and Sydney in Australia during her Oceania Tour on Jan. 12 – 16, 2019

Prepared by FFWPU Australia



Yeon Ah Nim and her daughter Shin Soon Nim arrived in Melbourne on January 12 with Prof. Taek Yong Oh from Sun Moon University and his daughter Jung Im as staff and translator. They were welcomed at the airport by the Oceania Regional Prsident Rev. Park and Mrs. Park, the Australia FFWPU National leaders Rev. Lim and Mrs. Lim, the WFWP IVP and Australian President, Anne Bellavance, and Mr. Arai, Australia’s eldest blessed couple (777 couple).

Yeon Ah Nim shared with us that the best gift she could give to members is to hear lectures from Prof. Oh about True Mother and the providence at this time. On January 12th Yeon Ah Nim spent time with 2nd generations and Wonmo Scholarship students during the Oceania Youth Summer Workshop held in Melbourne. During the evening, Prof. Oh gave a presentation to the youth participants. Then Yeon Ah Nim shared about True Mother’s heart of love for 2nd generations and gave them gift from True Mother.

On Sunday 13th Prof. Oh gave Sunday Service. Afterwards, Yeon Ah Nim shared with the Melbourne Community. At the end, Michael Treacy, the church pastor received a gift from True Mother as well. In the evening, Yeon Ah Nim went with Shin Soon Nim to a local beach and watched the sunset over the water.


On Monday 14th Yeon Ah Nim and her team moved to Sydney, Australia. There she shared with WFWP leaders and members during the WFWP Oceania Retreat. Prof. On January 15th Prof. Oh gave a full day lectures to the Sydney community and WFWP Retreat participants. Lectures covered: Era of Heavenly unified Korea; God’s dream and its realization; Cheon Il Guk and the original Garden of Eden; True Mother’s 3 years of Shimyo Jeong Seong; Vision 2020 and the 4 years of hope; WFWP and UPF; and, Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

After dinner, Yeon Ah Nim shared with the community about True Mother’s heart and her long daily schedule. Then she presented gifts through a raffle system. Some members received pens, while others received special clothing from True Mother.

The next day, Yeon Ah Nim, Shin Soon Nim, and Rev. and Mrs. Park flew to the Solomon Islands. Representing True Mother, Yeon Ah Nim attended the ground breaking ceremony for the new building of the New Hope Academy School, which was started by WFWP Japan in 2012 and supported by WFWP Australia and the FFWPU Solomon Island.

Prof. Oh and Yeon Ah Nim and Rev. and Mrs. Park flew onto New Zealand to meet the church community and WFWP members in Auckland.

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