Angola: 21-Day Divine Principle Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Angola

In the Providence of the Restoration, the Formula Course is a Model Course, the Way in which every human being without exception must pass to leave the position of fallen Man and return to the Original state, for the fulfillment of this, the teaching of the Divine Principle is one of the Important Requirements.

We conducted a 21-day workshop in Luanda-Angola from December 22, 2018 to January 13, 2019 at Mount Horeb Church, where pastors of the same church were blessed on the plane of tribal messianism a 21 Day Seminar of the Divine Principle. It was attended by 58 First and Second Generation Seminarists from different provinces of the country between the ages of 12 and 48, and was attended by five teachers from two provinces of Angola (Luanda and Cabinda).

The Seminar centered on the basis of the Complete Divine Principle and Inner Guidance to leverage the consciousness of the seminarians. They had the opportunity to study the course of Life of Our Father where there were tears of pain for their prisons, they could know the thought of the unification and had an explanation about V.O.C as our father fought the communism. At the end of the seminar Seminarians had two tests, one writing and one practice with the (Divine Principle Teaching) in order to evaluate the level of Seminarians.

As a thank you, the closing and farewell ceremony, the Seminarians, the Fathers, members of the Unificationist Family and the Direction of the Movement, worshiped with the members of the welcoming Church, (Monte Horeb Evangelical Church) where the Seminary took place. choirs and a group of young seminarians and there was also the presentation of a play the sermon was directed by the President of FFPMU Angola, which in the end there were certificates and shouts of mansey in a service that had 280 people present.

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