Albania: International Blessing Preparation Workshop


By Franz & Patricia Kerschbaummayr, FFWPU Albania

We would like to share with you the experience we had on January 19 to 20 2019 with many brothers and sisters in Mullet. It was first time to have an international blessing preparation workshop in Albania and it was really a wonderful experience. This time about 50 people from Albania, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Israel participated.

We had an international staff from Italy, Franz and Patrizia Kerschbaummayr, Alexander and Yun- a Johansen from Norway, Sara Zimmerman from Germany, and Albanian staff.

Atmosphere was very good and deep for many of the participants. Many of them came with the expectation to deepen their knowledge about blessing, to help them decide to go through matching process, and help them mature more as individuals in their faith and character to prepare themselves to be good partners in their marriage.

The content of the workshop was internal and practical, with many advices, personal testimonies, and discussions on the different questions regarding blessing.

Here are some testimonies:

“Everything was helpful. I got a lot of info about blessing, matching that I really needed. I learned practical ways how to protect myself before matching. I think we need this workshop before so we could prepare better”

“I realize that the process of the matching and blessing is not only the meeting point of a man and a woman. It should be a moment where we prepare ourselves to invest in creating the image of God here on earth/ this demands taking responsibility, dedication and be willing to persevere during hardships!”

“It was a super experience. Often I had tears, with ought understanding if were tears of joy or sadness. I really felt the support of spiritual world. I felt that somebody from my ancestors was with me. I also got a lot of information about Blessing. I got the needed energy not to fear blessing but to go toward blessing with confidence. At least I know that I will not be alone.”

“the lectures I heard were very beautiful and focused, especially from Yuna-a. I think we need longer workshops about blessing, because it is the most important issue in our life of faith. Also I liked the content was presented in a different viewpoint. I need to prepare myself through being patience, positive, dedication, prayer, hdh, and mission.”

“I am very grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents to participate in this workshop and to lecturers from Europe. I could listen to their lectures again and again and still would feel join and gratitude. I could get some answers which I was asking Heavenly Parent long ago, and He used this chance to give me answers through the experiences that older blessed families shared with us.”

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