8th Heavenly Asia-Pacific 2nd Generation Workshop

8th Asia Second Generation Workshop THAILAND 2018-2019


Prepared by FFWPU Asia

For the days shown above, the 8th Heavenly Asia-Pacific 2nd Generation Workshop was held at Alexander Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. For this year, almost 300 participants with age 13 and above gathered from all across Asia-Pacific regions. These include Korea, Japan, the Great China (Hong Kong Taiwan China), Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. The fundamental goal and the motto of the workshop is to “become God’s Filial Children”. The workshop aims to fulfill this purpose by offering both internal guidance and external activities.

Like the previous workshops, one whole day (Dec. 26) was reserved for an arrival and reception of the participants. Then, in the following day (Dec. 27), an official opening ceremony for the workshop was held. The opening started with a prayer and the following events were led by MC Rev. Yutaka Yamada, the National Leader of Malaysia, who also gave a brief orientation about the workshop. The welcome remarks were given by respectful leaders and it was followed by the opening message of Dr. Chung Sik Yong, the Regional Group Chair of Asia-Pacific. He emphasized how 2nd gens were not simply invited by him nor other leaders but directly called by Heavenly Parents and True Parents with clear purposes. After the opening ceremony, the 2nd gen participants were distributed to their respective teams and each spent a quality time for team building, such as ice-breakers and self-introduction. The main event – the lectures about True Parents’ life course was offered by Rev. Jin Hun Yong, the director of HTM Academy. The participants were able to thoroughly learn the depth of heavenly providence and historical context behind the birth of True Parents and their early childhood. The first day ended with the participants visiting ‘Siam Niramit Cultural Show’, a splendorous performance about Thailand culture and history.

The next day (Dec. 28) began with a morning HDH which was officially introduced to the workshop in 2018. Throughout the workshop, the HDH was held every morning from 6:00 am. It was led by Dr Yong with his strong will to establish the heavenly tradition of HDH. He explained the ‘Great Attributes of True Love’ which is essential for all of us to practice in real life. The main lecturer for the day was Rev. Yong and he continued explaining True Parents’ life course from the time where they started public mission as messiah. The 2nd gens were deeply inspired and touched by True Parents’ sincere devotion towards Heavenly providence, which they could not have but go through tremendous sacrifice and pain. After all the lectures, the 2nd gens joined a Post Game, which required each team members to corporate to complete missions (e.g. Quizzes about True Parents, Pass the Action Game, etc).

For the following 2 days, the schedule was set outside the hotel mainly for external activities. In Day 3 (Dec. 29), the participants went out to schools to conduct service projects. Some of the activities include, but not limited to, painting walls and grounds and cleaning toilets. It was precious time for the 2nd gens to practice True Love by living for the sake of others. It was held for around 2 hours, but the participants felt it ‘too short’. After the service project, the whole group moved to the ‘Pine Resort’ for another main event of the day. The 2nd gens were divided by colours and carried out friendly competition in sports. They were able to unite and support each other, which was indeed a visible form of siblings’ love.

In Day 4 (Dec. 30), a special morning HDH was held at the ‘Pine Resort’. Everyone read a short message from True Father’s autobiography about nature, where he mentioned, “only a person who can love nature can love God”. To better understand and feel True Father’s words, the participants were given an opportunity to walk around the nature then meditate and pray for 21 minutes. Through this, the 2nd gens were able to appreciate the value of nature and reflect upon their life. The rest of the day was about sightseeing and challenge activities. The participants visited ‘Ayutthaya Floating Market’ to experience the unique cultures of Thailand, such as riding elephants and boats and eating local foods. For the challenge activities, the participants had fun while cooperating with fellow team members. These team building activities were essential for breaking the barriers of language, culture and background and form a stronger bond.

On the 31st of December (Day 5), the participants received lectures from Samonim, Mrs. Yoshie Sasaki at the Alexander Hotel. Her first lecture was a crucial education for blessing. The lecture stressed on 2nd gens’ pure blood lineage and articulated how and why they must keep their purity for blessing. The lecture was followed by the blessing testimonies of 3 couples who recently received the blessing in 2018. They shared how they internally prepared for the blessing and how they overcame some challenges. A lot of the participants were motivated to receive the blessing in nearby future. The second lecture was given by Samonim about the Life of Faith. She delivered the significance of constantly being conscious of the spiritual world and living a life of attendance as filial children. After the lectures, the ‘Cultural Exchange’ program was conducted – each nation presented either a song, dance or skit, showcasing their talents to fellow brothers and sisters. In the evening, the participants together with Dr. Yong and other leaders joined to conduct ‘Wish Paper’ ceremony. Then, in the presence of holy and sacred atmosphere, everyone joined the live broadcast of True Mother’s midnight prayer in South Korea as we ushered into the new year 2019. Through the prayer, the participants were able to feel True Parents’ earnest wish to restore Heavenly Kingdom.

On the 1st day of 2019, the participants received a lecture from Dr. Yong about ‘Absolute Sex’. A powerful question of “What is the dividing line between God’s indirect dominion and direct dominion?” intrigued participants on this principle and opened their eyes on the value of the ‘first night’ a couple spends, and the sacred beauty God yearned for 6000 years. It was an awe-inspiring experience for many. The next lecture was offered by the International President of YSP, Dr. Robert Kittel about Pure Love movement. He demonstrated how we could teach others about the values of Pure Love and True Love. Dr. Kittel also gave a report about the success and victory of the Asia Pacific Summit that took place in Nepal in November 2018. In the afternoon, the participants had the Asia-Pacific 2nd gen Assembly, where each nations’ representatives gave a summary of the 2nd gen activity throughout 2018 and their new determination and goals for 2019. This inspired other participants to be more active in their respective countries and within their community to contribute for the providence.

For the last day of the workshop, a graduation ceremony was held. A congratulatory remark was given by Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, a Special Envoy to Thailand, and the closing remark was offered by Dr. Yong. The workshop officially ended with a closing prayer and three cheers of Og Mansei. Overall, the participants reflected that this workshop was truly different than any other workshops they had experienced so far and expressed their willingness to come again while bringing others to share this wonderful experience. The elder second generations lamented that such education was lacking in their respective areas and expressed their desire to love and educate their brothers and sisters at home.

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