Thailand: 8th Asia-Pacific Parents Matching Convocation


By Ursula McLackland

The 8th Asia Pacific Parents Matching Convocation (held on January 2 to 5, 2019 in Bankok) was the largest we ever had with 84 participants in total: 53 parents and 10 matching supporters represented 53 candidates from 8 nations while 21 parents only joined the education program in order to prepare themselves for the matching of their children in the future. This time we had a very balanced number of 26 male and 27 female candidates from the following countries: Philippines (including Filipino-Japanese): 12, Thailand: 12, Malaysia: 12, Taiwan: 10, Japan: 3, Singapore: 2, Hong Kong: 1, China: 1

In addition, we displayed 292 profiles from around the world from the different matching websites, making it a total of 345 profile on display. However, the largest number of matches come about through parents and matching supporters attending the Asia Pacific PMC.

There are 2 major reasons why the Asia Pacific PMCs are so successful. The first is the personal involvement and guidance given by the Regional Group Chairman’s couple. The highlight of each PMC is the deep internal guidance given to the parents by Dr. Chung Sik Yong’s couple.

Each day begins with the morning HDH during which Dr. Yong shares TP’s words and how to apply them in our daily lives in relation to raising and educating our children to receive the Blessing joyfully and pass on TP’s pure blood lineage and tradition to the 3rd generation. With this kind of internal motivation and vertical mindset, the parents then receive the more practical guidance on how to prepare their children to become qualified candidates with a heart of filial piety and public life experience as well as the Parent Matching process. Through the testimonies by 2nd gen couples and parents the matching process takes on life. With experience and well-prepared ppts, parents learn how to introduce their child effectively within the short time they are given and the challenge of translation to 3 languages-Chinese, Japanese and Thai.

Another important factor is that Dr. and Mrs. Yong make themselves available for consultation during the time of parents networking. As they generally know the families well, their guidance gives the parents the reassurance that they are moving in the right direction and confidence to enter into deeper communication with another family or the need to search for other options.

The spiritual foundation for the PMCs in the Asia Pacific region is laid by the annual Asia Pacific 2nd Gen workshop held from Dec. 26 – Jan. 2 for the last 8 years with the involvement of Dr. Yong’s entire family as core staff and lecturers. Many 2nd gens who did not know their identity came to realize the value of being a 2nd gen, repented for past mistakes and determined to prepare themselves for the matching and blessing. They got inspired by the examples and testimonies from their elder peers and we expect many parents of the 300 2nd Gens that joined this year’s workshop to participate in upcoming PMCs.

Parent’s Reflections:

  • Thank you for the PMC workshop. I am really thankful. God and True Parents are always with us and support us to be successful. If we didn’t have this PMC workshop, how could we succeed? Through this workshop, we were able to meet our brothers and sisters from many places. We were able to talk and discuss with each other and everyone got inspired to match their children well. The workshop made a good atmosphere and was very exciting for us. I’m so thankful.
  • I really feel so grateful for all the preparations done by the entire PMC committee and all the Thai members that have supported this PMC. The benefit we received is far more than what we paid for. The Malaysian members feel the Thai members have served us more than what we paid. I am so happy I found a good match this time and I will try my best to help them build an ideal family and give birth to great 3rd generations. Thank you, Dr. and Mrs. Yong, for all the great messages during the morning devotion.

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