Zimbabwe: 7-Days Divine Principle Workshop and New Membership

By Jean Augustine Ghomsi

Forty-one young people signed-up for membership into Family Federation at the end of a 7-Day Divine Principle workshop organized from December 26, 2018 to January 2, 2019 at the Peace Embassy in Harare.

This is the first fruit of the seed planted by True Mother on November 21, 2018 in Zimbabwe during her visit and the 40,000 Couples National Blessing which she officiated at the National Sports Stadium. The 700 youths who attended the program as ushers testified to their being fascinated by True Mother and her motherly love. They are studying the Divine Principle in order to “get more blessings from her,” they said. Most of them consider November 19-21, to be a period of special blessing for them as well as for Zimbabwe.

The 7-Day workshop came on the foundation of Divine Principle weekend workshops held November 24-25 and December 5, 2018 whereby 200 hundred of them took part. Participants for the 7-days workshop were specially selected focusing on single persons between the ages of 18 and 33 who would become Blessing candidates.

The workshop went on very well with Rev. George Ogurie, Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, Rev. David Isaac Phiri and Dr. George Ikpot as lecturers. The main purposes of the workshop were to help them understand better True Mother and her mission as well as an introduction to the Blessing.

At the end all the 41 have accepted True Mother as the only Begotten Daughter of God, True Parents as the Messiah and returning Lord and have signed to become members of the FFWPU-Zimbabwe. They are now preparing to attend an upcoming 21-Day workshop.

When one reflects on the membership foundation in Zimbabwe, this workshop was really a miracle! We are deeply grateful to True Mother for such a result in a short pace of time!

The focus now is for the next batch to also go through such a workshop. We are starting another 7-Day workshop from today January 3, 2019.


Collen Katandika: From the beginning of the workshop until the end, I learnt many things. I did not go to church, I did not read the Bible because I could not understand it. Now I even have some scriptures and God’s Word that I will keep in my heart. I feel like this workshop has set me free. Now I am a new person and I want to help others too.

I feel so grateful for the love and care I received here; everyone and the team leaders always took care of me and always want to help me. I never met people who took care of me like this. My promise when I go home is to sell my clothes to buy a Bible, because I still need to learn a lot. I will always come here because I want to deepen my relationship with God.

My life has been difficult. I have no family; no one to love me; I have been lonely. Now, I learned about the Blessing and I really want to have the Blessing with someone who loves God. I want to have a family of God with no divorce. I want to thank True Parents because True Parents are the ones who set me free when I was in prison. Now, I know where to find happiness – True Parents. Without True Parents I don’t know how my life would be. Thank you!

Tatenda Manyenya: These past seven days have been the best days of my life. I do not want to lie, when I first came here, I was confused as to whether I want to be here or not, but as time went on I realized that I am here for a special reason which is to learn the Divine Principle, put it into practice and share it with others.

I was really inspired by the teachings of all our Reverends. They were all different in the way they preached and perfect at the same time. I have discovered the truth about what really happened in the Garden of Eden and the linkage between the old, new and completed testament, as in how the figures, occasions and everything complemented each other.

I am overwhelmed because I got the chance to live during the time the messiah came, and I am willing to follow and live according to his will. I have been inspired and motivated by the persuasive and brave nature of the Reverend Moon. He has inspired me that even if the government of Zimbabwe or of any other country is to deny the restoration of the kingdom of Heaven, I will put my life to it to ensure that the Heavenly Kingdom is restored on earth under the necessary foundations which are of faith and of substance.

I was also thrilled by the fact that the 31st of December was the day I was formerly informed of who my messiah really is or who our True Parents are, and I got the opportunity to see True Mother testify live. I was glad that she prayed for us and emphasized on Vision-2020, which is the year of Cheon-Il-Guk, the year of restoration of the heavenly kingdom. I am very happy I met my spiritual Father Reverend George Ogurie and I am looking forward to working with him so that he helps me mature spiritually.

I pledge to remain pure until I get the blessing and live a life of true love, peace and harmony; so, help me God.

Finally, I would like to give special thanks to our dear mothers and fathers who have been feeding us and looking after us, the organizers of this workshop, the Reverends and our True Parents and our Heavenly Parent for making this workshop a success.

Chipo Grace Marufu: I would like to thank God for a good moment of learning that I spent from the 26th of December up to 1 January 2019. I thank our Heavenly Parent for choosing me to participate. I learned a lot from the Divine Principle on the nature of God, the Human Fall and the origins of sin, the life of True Mother Moon and True Father.

Throughout the whole seven days, I was inspired as I learnt a lot and received new knowledge of things I did not know. This made me realise that I was living in darkness all along, but I received new light. I realised that God is Love that is why He created heaven and earth as a way for Him to experience joy through His creation. God created man with a purpose for the three Blessings, that is to be fruitful, multiply and have dominion; but because of Satan, the archangel who was supposed to protect them, Eve and Adam sinned. This is the original sin. Through these teachings I learned that I must listen to what God is saying and His commandments.

God tried to restore His purpose of Creation through Noah’s family, but it failed. The failures continued up to Jesus’ time. The establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth was not fulfilled as Jesus died on the cross. On this I learned that we only received spiritual salvation which I didn’t know.

I also learned about the Second Coming of Jesus through Mother Moon and True Father. This I didn’t know, but through the lectures I believe that truly He is the Messiah. I learned a lot through the history of their lives: how they received persecution, being imprisoned, living a difficult life. They were doing it as a way of restoring people to the origin and making people receive salvation. On this, I almost cried as I started to imagine if it was me and that salvation how would I have done. This made me realise that I must live by the Commandments, change my life and follow Jesus and believe in God. I am so grateful for all the lectures I received because they have changed me completely, and I am born again.

Conclusively, I want to thank our Heavenly Parent, True Mother and True Father; and “… glorious the song ringing in my heart for God above.” They are so great. I now have a duty to do according to the three Blessings so that I have a good connection with God and bring the Kingdom of God on earth and become a true daughter of God. AJU!

Chipo Diana Matore: My journey of the 7-day Divine Principle workshop has ended. I was really honored to be part and parcel of this workshop. I thank our Heavenly Parent and True Parents for selecting me to be part of this.

On the first day we were introduced to the Divine Principle. I learned about the dual characteristics or pair system whereby there is the masculinity and femininity, even in animals and plants. I also learnt that our True Father gave us the revelation that we should not pray to God as Our Father, but as Our Heavenly Parent. On the second day, I also learnt about the Process of Creation whereby human beings were designed to be a microcosm. Thus, no human beings should stay alone. Furthermore, we learned about the Human Fall and that original sin is transmittable from our first human ancestors. On day 3, that’s when we learnt about Eschatology and Human history; that God’s Purpose of Creation was never fulfilled thus God lost the family foundation since the Fall. After hearing about our True Father’s history, his birth and everything I came to the realisation that surely, he is the one whom Our Heavenly Parent had sent to us. All we need to do is to fulfil our 5% responsibility because our Heavenly Parent has done His part. It is now our responsibility as children to do our part.

Not forgetting our True Mother…what She has done for us is really so great. From the time She was born, we saw that the devil was really trying so hard to destroy her, but She was really faithful, and She stood up with God , and also her mother did her part to take good care of her and managed to raise the Only True Daughter of God well. The true love that our True Mother has for us should also flow to us so that we may be able to save our nation and the whole world.

Lastly, I would say, “if we are united and have true love, we will be able to save our world.” As we are returning to the community, we are going to share with others what we have learned here so that we all can become one again and accomplish the Four-Position-Foundation. Aju!

Nelia Mtipa: I have been doing introspection for the past six days I was in this workshop. Taking note of everything that has been happening in my life in relation to my True Parents, I feel somehow the connection herself and myself since I came to realise that her life was not as easy as I thought. She went through a lot which made my eyes even drip with tears when I think of it. Imagine a life whereby the whole world is against you; some people labelling you what you are not and more so watching her husband go to jail for many times. I feel as though when Papa was in jail our Mother was in prison too. I mean she was also serving her term. Imagine the media after her and all the burden was on her but because of the love of God who is our Heavenly Parent and True Parent she managed to overcome all the calamities this world presented to her. It never put her down but rather it strengthened her. I wish the same God who gave her the same power and strength to keep going would give me the same. I know He will because I have seen God through Mother Moon.

My life has not been easy, I would say all my life, but what I know is that if our Heavenly Parent fought for our Mother Moon surely if I remain in this path, He will not leave me alone. Now I want to live for the glory of God, I want to inspire other people and to ensure that the word of our True Parents will reach far and beyond. I will dedicate my life to the will of God and take part in unifying the world. Thank you for being part of my life and accepting me in this family.

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