Zimbabwe: Youths Eager to Learn The Divine Principle

by Jean A. Ghomsi, FFWPU Africa Region

A workshop on the Divine Principle was attended on December 5, 2018 by 180 participants, mostly youths as a second step in the preparation for the 7-Day Workshop to be held from December 14-21, 2018. Among them were 46 new participants.

These participants in majority came from among those who were ushering during the Peace and Family Festival and 134 had already done 2-Day Workshop.

The program started at 10:00 with Dr. George Ikpot lecturing on God’s Ideal of Creation. He explained the basic principles of creation, especially the dual characteristics of Internal Character and External Form and the pair system. He quoted True Father’s explanation on why God created everything in pairs as well as True Mother’s explanation on why we get married.

Next, he shared about the Four-Position Foundation and the Three Object Purpose. He explained the purpose and the meaning of the Origin-Division-Union Action and how this applies to our lives. He then explained the Purpose of Creation and God’s expectation for Adam and Eve. After the break, he continued with the Growing period with emphasis on human portion of responsibility.

This ended with the explanation about the spirit world, the purpose of life on earth and who determines where we will go after death. He took time on the three stages of human life.

Dr. Ikpot then introduced the Fall of Man, especially the root of sin. He clarified what the nature of the forbidden fruit, the serpent and the two trees, which were in the middle of the Garden. He gave some proofs that only an illicit sexual relationship could have been the cause of the Fall.

He also touched on the Predestination and why the Calvinistic theory of absolute predestination was faulty. This session ended with a questions and answers session. Through the questions, one could feel that they have been learning and have understood a lot.

After lunch, Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi introduced the principles of restoration; especially he explained that restoration is only possible through indemnity and that we need to establish the foundation to receive the Messiah. He showed that after the Fall, Adam and Eve and fallen humanity found themselves in the midway position, in the middle of the conflict between God and Satan. He said each one of us can determine the victor in this conflict. When fallen human beings do good deeds, God has the upper hand and when we sin, Satan becomes victorious. He explained with examples the different types of indemnity conditions as well as the significance of the foundation of faith and the foundation of substance.

Here, Rev. Ghomsi explained the different aspects of the fallen nature that we inherited from Lucifer and the way to remove and restore them.

Based on these, he showed how God proceeded with His providence in Adam’s Family. How the failure of Cain to control his fallen nature led to him killing Abel and the failure to establish the foundation for the Messiah in Adam’s family.

He then explained why and how Ham’s mistake led to God not being able to send the Messiah in Noah’s family. He explained why even though Abraham’s family finally succeeded to establish the foundation for the Messiah, he could not come and humanity had to wait until Jesus’ time.

Rev. Ghomsi then explained the mission of the Messiah and why Jesus died on the cross. He explained that Jesus did not come to die and that his death was the results of the ignorance and the failure of the Jewish leadership, especially John the Baptist. He elaborated on the three mistakes of John: the fact that he did not follow Jesus (Mat.3:13-14), contradicted Jesus (Jn 1:19-21) and finally doubted the messiahship of Jesus (Mat.11:3-4). He showed clearly that John the Baptist failed in his mission as stated by Jesus in Mat.11:11.

He explained why Jesus promised to return and concluded the workshop with the Second Advent of the Messiah. He dealt mainly with the questions: when will Christ come again, how Christ will come again and concluded with who is the Lord of the Second Advent. In dealing with when, he explained the Last Days and showed that the Messiah was to come between 1918-1930. He then proceeded to show how Christ was to come, being born on earth, with a different name and as a different person, yet having the same mission like Elijah’s second coming. He asked everyone to read on their own the Letters to the Seven Churches of the Book of Revelation.

Rev. Ghomsi concluded the workshop by saying that Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah and that he had succeeded with his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, to stand in the position of True Parents (new Adam and Eve) and are giving rebirth to all humanity. He exhorted the participants to pray about this and that God is opened to reveal this to all those who seek to know the truth today.

It was quite interesting to see that all the participants where very happy. They all clapped when True Parents were introduced. They have all signed up for the upcoming 7-Day Workshop. They want really to know more. Some already started asking questions about the Blessing. Many requested handouts as they want to become lecturers and eventually pastors. Many feel that the Divine Principle and Family Federation are the answers to their problems and want to join. Some said they now understand why True Mother said in her speech on November 21 that she was the Only Begotten Daughter of God!

This time in the registration we ask them to write down their skills as well as level of education. Most are high school graduates, and some are university graduates.


Dr. George C. Ikpot: The one-day DP workshop was quite an experience, considering the response of the participants. Out of the 180 participants 46 were completely new. Others were those who participated in the previous workshop. Talking to some of the participants after the workshop, one discovers various painful experiences some young people have been through. There are several family issues. Some of the young people I spoke to live with pains of their family break-up. And they need help especially in terms of guidance. I was really touched by some of the experiences they shared with me. Quite several were asking if they can be trained to become Ministers. The want to go out and teach. All the participants were anxiously asking for the 7 days and when. They were also asking what will happen next after the 7days. Many of them are anxious about the blessing. We really need to encourage to them prepare for this.

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