USA: Ye Jin Moon Visits Mobile Family Church


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On Sunday, December 2, the Mobile Family Church community in Alabama was blessed to welcome guest speaker Ye Jin Moon who shared with the community her thesis topic “Gender Balanced Divine Heart Principle.”

Eager members from all over Georgia, Louisiana, and Alabama came to attend this service. Ye Jin Moon shared her understanding of God as both our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother as our united Heavenly Parent. An important point she made is that in understanding God’s nature, we come to understand our own identity more fully as both men and women, sons and daughters of God. Ye Jin Moon pointed out that many issues we see in our society stem from humanity’s inability to see God as both male and female.

After her presentation, the Alabama community invited Ye Jin Moon on a tour of the properties in Alabama. They visited the Master Marine, the boat building company owned by the church, South Garden, True Parents’ former home, and the local main church property.

As evening came, a dinner was shared between Ye Jin Moon and the young adults in the community. She interacted with each person and had conversations about her studies and the content she had shared in her sermon.

An impression of deep gratitude was left on the community after Ye Jin Moon’s visit. All those present made important effort to create the experience together.

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