USA: Divine Principle Seminars a “Breath of Fresh Air”

Prepared by FFWPU USA

The International Peace Education Center (IPEC) continues to provide guests and Unificationists alike the opportunity to relearn universal truths and reconfirm their faith in God and their path in life.

November ended with a True Love Divine Principle Seminar hosting six individuals, three of whom were new to Divine Principle teachings. Unificationists who attended felt rejuvenated after receiving a refresher on the teachings. Sarata Kabre, a Unificationist from Nashville, TN shared, “This seminar gave me a clear understanding of Christianity over the periods and its purpose and God’s intentions for humankind. I received a clear breakdown of the steps God took throughout periods of history to bring His children back to Him and of God’s suffering throughout these periods.” Upon arriving home, Sarata sent this message to the other participants, “I am already missing you guys. It was a pleasure meeting each one of you. May we all be inspired more to impact the world by living for the sake of others. We have been chosen and given this opportunity to be blessed and bless others. Therefore, let’s all be Ambassadors for Peace. I am sure our paths will cross again and probably soon. May God bless you and keep you safe and guide you at all times.”

Philia Bekeke is new to the Divine Principle. “I believe that this [Unification] Movement is very powerful and full of knowledge,” she shared. “It is such an amazing experience when we understand how the present world is connected to the past. I am so grateful that I came to this seminar and I can’t wait to use these teachings in my day-to-day life. Ignorance is a very harmful thing,” Philia continued. “It can block people from reaching their higher-calling. Being able to break through and overcome ignorance is a mighty power.” Philia left feeling charged and blessed and is looking forward to attending the full Divine Principle Seminar and sharing the Divine Principle with her family and friends.

Jordan Anglin, a Unification youth, wasn’t expecting to receive anything other than a refresher on the teachings, but instead, gained much more. “This Divine Principle workshop was unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I have been taught Divine Principle teachings my whole life and it has always been the same. This was revitalizing, refreshing, a breath of fresh air. The content was presented in a brand new way and answered many questions. The biggest thing I gained was an understanding that God blesses us so that we can bless others. We must be God’s blessings unto others. “Another thing I gained is a new heartfelt understanding of who our True Parents are and what they mean to God, the world and myself. True Parents’ life and this seminar have inspired me to be active and work towards peace and tell people who True Parents really are, what the Family Federation movement really is, and what we really stand for.”

Whether you’re in need of inspiration or answers, you can find both at one of the monthly retreats and seminars regularly offered at IPEC. Be sure to visit or click the button below to learn more and to register.

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