Updates on Illustrated Divine Principle Booklet Series


By Øivind Haugen and Achim Pock

One more time we want to give you an update on the new illustrated 6-part introductory booklet series about the Divine Principle teachings. The booklets are already used literally around the whole world and have proved to be very useful and inspiring, especially in home study groups or reading them together with guests, friends and relatives.

We are happy to announce to you that the booklets are now available in two more languages: French and Greek.

Many nations have waited for the completion of the French series – in Europe as well as in Canada and not least in many nations in Africa.

The printing of the French booklets starts this week, so, please make your orders.

Please also consider sponsorship for providing nations in Africa with the English and French editions of this series, as they need them very much for educational outreach but often lack financial resources.

For information please contact Mr. Øivind Haugen in Germany: haugen51@gmx.de

Preview of the booklets in all available languages:


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