True Mother’s Speech at the Gathering to Report on the World Tour Victories



The following is an official translation of True Mother’s message from December 6, 2018 at the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center in Korea during the Gathering to Report on the World Tour Victories & Resolve to Firmly Establish a Heavenly World.


It is nice to see you all again after being away for more than a month. We are living in a time where we can see the fruits of the springtime of the providence before our eyes. Today, Heavenly Parent has once again said, “I love you. I bless you” …by making it snow, though it is the second snowfall.

The owner of the universe is our Creator, Heavenly Parent. Through True Parents, the blessed families of today who can realize Heavenly Parent’s dream are spread out throughout the world. However, today, the world has many national borders. There are many countries. They do not know who the owner of the universe is. All created things belong to God. It is regrettable that the people of the fallen world do not know the reality that their possessions were neither bequeathed to them by God, nor are they their own.

Following Father’s Seonghwa, we looked toward the year 2020 and Heavenly Parent’s dream of national restoration. The advent of True Parents and their starting point should have been on a national foundation. However, the world of fallen people did not know God. Those in the Christian cultural sphere, in particular, did not have a clear understanding. Only in their hour of need would they entreat Heaven by praying, “Help me.” or “Save me.” These are the only prayers they offered.

Heaven, therefore, raised a chosen people to whom he could send a savior for humankind. Through that chosen people, God opened the way for the True Parents to emerge and for fallen humankind to be restored as His true children. The reality, however, was not that easy. During the two thousand years of Christianity, Christians have mistakenly thought they would receive salvation through the blood of Jesus on the cross. They displayed Jesus hanging on the cross at the very front of their churches and prayed, “Please save us.” We who know the providence and God’s will cannot just sit quietly and observe. It took a long time for that cross to be taken down. When I think of how painful this must have been for Heaven, Christians today must reflect deeply on this.

In order to realize God’s dream, we have to make the people of these divided nations into God’s citizens, but there are so many sanctions and so many national borders. Yet, in 2018, we challenged ourselves! Beginning in Senegal in Africa, we traveled the world and ended up in Nepal, in Asia. We have been visiting nations with the potential to become a nation for Heavenly Parent. Though everything is not complete, nor is it 100 percent, we have sowed seeds in these nations. And so, we must gather healthy and ripe fruits. What is clear, however, when finding Heavenly Parent’s people and nation, is that we will make those nations that I directly visited into nations about whose citizens Heavenly Parent can say, “You are my beloved sons and daughters.”

Now, in Zimbabwe and also in South Africa, what remains to be done is to transform people’s hearts. No matter how much power an incumbent leader has, a leader without people cannot be a king. I will therefore make them understand that having their people receive the Blessing and become true families that God can love is the way to restoring their nations, and that it is the way for their people to become God’s children.

There are many places where the living conditions are very poor. This nation also went through tremendous difficulties in the 1950s after the Korean war. At that time too, True Parents educated the citizens of Korea through the New Village (Sae Ma-eul) Movement and the New Heart (Sae Ma-eum) Movement. There can be no perfection in ignorance. You must know. You must learn. The nations that ruled the world could not do this. However, the True Parents Movement – this Blessing movement – will educate all people to that they are able to experience first-hand and fully understand the value of True Parents and true love.

It is written in the Bible: “The first will be the last and the last will be the first.” Compared to the developed countries that lead the world today, the countries of Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Nepal, which I traveled through, were at the bottom. Yet when we look at them from the viewpoint of Heaven’s providence, they will be the first. This means that if they go forward in oneness with True Parents, these nations will certainly become advanced nations, the center of the world. Thus, I would like for the counties and cities in Korea to form brotherhood relationships with these nations, help them to revive economically, so that their people can live well in all respects as soon as possible. Do you agree?

I wish to show that the nations that attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents can become models for the world and become great nations that are beacons of light. Therefore, I have chosen Zimbabwe to represent all of Africa and I have given instructions that we focus our activities in Zimbabwe. Also, with regard to Nepal, in Asia, the mayors of 700 cities received the Blessing. I would like you to focus more on creating the people of Heaven, that is, raising tribal messiahs and blessed families. Nepal has a similar environment to that of Europe’s Switzerland of the past. The reason this nation could become one of the world’s top economies was because its people were united.

Considering the beautiful environment Heaven has given us, and based on our past experience, our Family Federation from Korea must help these nations so they can use resources well, so that they do not pollute the environment. We should be active in educating them one by one to bring these countries to enjoy a high standard of living. Through diverse initiatives such as sister-brotherhood marriages, the New Village Movement, and the New Heart Movement, I sincerely hope that the blessed families of Korea, and particularly those of FFWPU-Japan, can contribute to helping the people who have received the Blessing in these nations to form healthy families that fulfill their responsibilities. Then let us show the world that countries united with True Parents can become first-class nations that are healthy and thriving. How hard Heaven has worked and sacrificed to see this day!

Today, even, Heaven blessed us with white snow. I felt God was showing us a sign that he will wash and smooth away the pain of the nations and peoples that True Parents have found. The blessed families in our Unificationist community are practicing and sharing true love. Let us become beacons of light for the world!

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