True Mother’s Speech at the South Africa Peace Rally Victory Celebration



The following is an official translation of True Mother’s message from November 25, 2018 at the Cape Town International Convention Center in South Africa during the South Africa Peace Rally Victory Celebration.


Are there people here seeing me for the first time? Who am I? I am the True Mother. If the 7.5 billion people of the world hear of me, as you did, they would feel the same.

I have been saying that we must know the truth about God, our Creator. When God created all things in the universe, he created them in his own image. Then, lastly, he created a man and a woman, called in the Bible Adam and Eve. However, God gave human beings a period of growth. During that time, Adam and Eve should have matured to have absolute unity with God.

God is intangible. He does not have a body. Therefore, God’s dream as he created human beings was to bless them once they had matured, so God could become the True Parent of humankind. In other words, God’s dream was to embrace and love humankind’s first ancestors, his children.

God wished to live together with humankind in a peaceful kingdom of heaven on earth and to continue to loving them, eternally in the kingdom of heaven. He created with these principles of creation. However, what happened? Adam and Eve could not unite with God. They had no choice but to leave God. Thus, today’s fallen human race came into being. From the past until today people have wanted to be good and follow their consciences. They truly loved freedom, equality, peace, and unification but did not know how to achieve them. That is why history has many ups and downs, going from good to bad…

In the midst of this, thanks to their consciences, people lived good lives. People did not realize this, but they wished to live together and live in accord with the will of an absolute being. This kind of heart brought about religions.

Today, there are four great religions and they all teach the same thing. Live with goodness. Fallen human beings have said this, but their actions have not coincided with that. There is a cause for this and if we cannot eliminate this cause, it cannot get better. This is the conclusion: The owner of the universe is God. It is clear that we must find God and live our lives in attendance to him.

However, this has been difficult. This is true even with just the history of Christianity. It is true that Christianity has undergone many trials and errors. What is clear is God is our parent. We must have a movement so people can realize this and attend God. Though fallen humankind has made effort to attend God, they have been unable to do so. The problems are that they did not know God and they did not know Jesus’ essence.

All mistaken human beings must find the victorious True Parents from among themselves and meet True Parents. This miracle-like event must happen. Only through this can God, the Heavenly Parent say, “You are my son; you are my daughter!”

Within nature, we can find sunflowers. On cloudy days or sunny days, all the sunflowers look in the same direction. There can be no ups and downs in the realm of God’s dominion. We must align just like sunflowers. None of these difficult problems can arise.

Until now, human beings have made effort to do well; however, they were unable to attain results. In conclusion, all human beings must find God, our Heavenly Parent, and in order to stand in front of God, they must meet the True Parents, through whom they will be resurrected and reborn.

The long period of six thousand years passed before True Parents manifested. For that long period of six thousand years, our Heavenly Parent shed blood, sweat and tears in order to find his lost children. Two thousand years ago, God had planned to complete the providence in this fallen world through Jesus Christ and the realization of True Parents.

However, those around Jesus did not fulfill their responsibilities and Jesus was sent to the cross. As he died, Jesus said he would return. He said he would return and hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. This means that in the Last Days, we cannot realize the completion of the providence if the only daughter of God is not born.

Heaven found Jesus Christ, whom God could call “my son,” from among fallen humankind after four thousand years. It has taken six thousand years for Heaven to find the only daughter of God, whom God can call “my daughter.” Therefore, I, who knew the essence of the only daughter of God, went forward toward the position of True Mother at the age of 16.

Ever since I was young, I grew up knowing God is my Father. Even though my parents were alive I grew up knowing this. My family was a family that offered more devotions than anyone else did in preparation for the returning Messiah.

I was born around the time Korea had been liberated from colonial rule and the Korean War began dividing Korea into North and South – having communist and democratic thought. I was born in North Korea but communist thought had begun to take root there. While the South was still disorganized the North already had the ability to attack the South.

Think about this. I was born in 1943 and the Korean War began in 1950. At that time Heaven protected Korea for me. According to the principles of creation, after creating Adam and Eve who would become the ancestors of humankind, God gave them a growth period. Heaven cannot have the only daughter of God born after six thousand years dying before she can go through her growth stage. Therefore, Heaven had to protect me until I became old enough to make decisions. Thus, in 1960 I came forward to the position of True Parent.

The position of True Parent! It is an extremely difficult position.

The Blessing movement began after True Parents’ Holy Wedding. If prepared Christians had known about the manifestation of True Parents, the 7.5 billion people of the world would have learned about it quickly. Imagine how difficult it was. We created a foundation and climbed from the ground up. I am saying times have now changed. You must openly and proudly reveal the True Parent, God’s only daughter.

This is the truth.

Therefore, if you receive the blessing and complete all your responsibilities as blessed families, you will absolutely live in the kingdom of heaven on earth and you will go to the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, receive the blessing! You must do this. As blessed families, will you fulfill your responsibilities as tribal messiahs? You also must liberate your ancestors.

Can you do this? Can I believe you? The right time will not always wait for you. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity; become blessed families who fulfill all their responsibilities.

As you know, South Africa is located on the southernmost part of the African continent. I have said this in Korea. Thinking of Korea as one region, I divided Korea into five subregions. The southernmost subregion of the five subregions is the Gyeongsang Provinces. When I had a rally there, I told them, “Now the Gyeongsang Provinces must light a fire from the bottom.” What do you think? Are you going to light the fire of the blessing from Cape Town to reach the entire continent? Once again, will you do that?

I have bestowed great blessings on South Africa and Zimbabwe at this time. The seeds have been sown, but we must get them to bear fruit before time is up. Prophet Radebe has proclaimed True Mother is the only daughter of God. Therefore, you too must strongly proclaim that everyone must receive the blessing from the True Parents, from the only daughter of God.

I wish I were still 50; it is difficult at my age. Therefore, you must move quickly. We must offer Heavenly Parent many results while I am still on earth. Please help me.

All right! Now, I believe in you and appreciate what you have done. I will depart tomorrow for my next destination. I wish I could rest but I cannot. Therefore, please help me.

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