Spain: The Family, School of Growth in Love

By Raimonda and Dolores Fontinele, FFWPU Spain

In Zaragoza, we have now two blessed families. On November 18 at 11:00 a.m., we held a half day seminar in a Civic Center, in the City of Zaragoza, with the title: “The Family, School of Growth in Love” given by Manuel Campillo with the participation of a total of 29 people, 15 of them were participants for the first time.

In this event, we take the opportunity to offer the holy wine, with a toast the commitment of an eternal love with God and lasting peace in the family.

The day was cloudy and rainy, and it seemed that no one would come to the event, however, finally 15 guests appeared.

It has been a very inspiring talk even after finishing the conference everyone stayed for a while in the room, because they were a bit curious and interested in knowing more and participating in other future events such as what was done in that day.

We are very grateful for the collaboration and participation of brothers and sisters of Barcelona, Madrid and Zaragoza that thanks to them and the unity of all we have achieved that victory.

The event was finalized with an official photo of all the participants.

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