Russia: Third Hyo Jeong Culture Festival Held in Moscow

by Elena Kalmatskaya, director of the Eastern Europe Second Generation Department

The third Hyo Jeong Culture Festival came to an exciting conclusion on Sunday, December 16, 2018, with performances by talented children and youth from the Eastern Europe subregion. The Moscow Peace Embassy was filled with hundreds of people who had come to enjoy the performances.

The preliminary competition was held from October 28 to December 2 as an international virtual (long-distance) HJ culture contest. A total of 110 videos were submitted in the categories of choral and ensemble singing, dance, solo singing, vocal duets and trios, instrumental musical performance, fine arts, theatrical creativity and author literary works. Applications came from Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and different cities of Russia.

From December 3 to 10 an international jury evaluated all the applications. For this third year of the festival, almost all the jury were members of the European Second Generation who are professionals in different spheres of the arts.

On December 15 all those who were chosen to perform at the final festival came to Moscow. Our sub regional president, Mr. Jack Corley, and the Second Generation Department leader, Elena Kalmatskaya, spoke to all the performers about developing their talents with sincere humility in their heart, looking for different ways to serve the world and True Parents’ providence through art.

Between different rehearsals and preparations all the children participated in a social project in which they made sweet gifts and musical instruments for disabled people. In this way we want to teach our Second Generation that serving others always comes before developing one’s talent.

The final stage of the Hyo Jeong Culture Festival on December 16 was a bright celebration of talent and hard work. Kazuha Canak, the director of the Hyo Jeong Arts & Culture department for Europe, who was one of the judges, explained True Mother’s vision for the arts. Another of the judges, Eva Kačírková Pejkofski, a professional violinist from Czechia, gave an amazing performance.

In addition to one Grand Prize for theatrical creativity, the festival honored 50 laureates and 37 diploma winners of different degrees. Also, this time a special Gratitude Award was given to leaders of Second Generation artistic groups in choral singing, dancing and theatrical creativity who invest in the cultural education of our Second Generation.

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