Russia: Inauguration of IAPD



by Jack Corley, FFWPU Eastern Europe

On November 22 in Moscow IAPD Russia was inaugurated. The location in the National Hotel is 50 meters from the Russian State Duma (Parliament) and 100 meters from the Kremlin wall.

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, Islam and Buddhism conducted a special water ceremony. A Jewish Rabbi who had attended True Mother’s visit to Vienna could not be present but was so inspired that he sent his written prayer to the IAPD inauguration. That prayer was read out as the representatives poured water into a large glass bowl, signifying the unity of all faiths. In his remarks, Eastern Europe sub-regional president Jack Corley, introduced the concept of IAPD and True Parents’ vision, explaining that it represented the “mind” element of society.

The speakers list included:

  • Mr. Joseph Diskin, Chairman of the Commission for the harmonization of interethnic and interfaith relations of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation
  • Dr. Mukhamet Gallyamov, Imam of the Khatib of the Mosque “Ikhlas” of the Kirov District of Ufa, Bashkortostan
  • Father Maxim Melinti, Orthodox priest of the Moldavian-Chisinau Metropolis of the Russian Patriarchate
  • Llama Sanal Sanzheev, Buddhist Lama, Representative of the Buddhist organization “Bagshn Kürya” of the Republic of Kalmykia
  • Dr. Sergey Afanasyev, Chairman of the Northwest Development Fund, Russia
  • Sergey Dvoryanov, Candidate of Philosophy, Founder and President of the International Diplomatic Club “Amicability”
  • Dr. Irina Aksenova, Director, Upper Volga Institute, Tver, Russia
  • Mr. Jack Corley, director FFWPU Eastern Europe sub-region
  • Mr. Damir Safin, Director of the Union of Cyclists of the Republic of Tatarstan

This program attended by some 70 religious leaders and experts concluded several interfaith projects those took place in Russia through 2018 including RYS and Interfaith Week of Harmony.

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