Romania: One day Divine Principle Workshop & Social Project


Prepared by CARP Romania

We concluded last week by organizing successful one-day Divine Principle Workshop and social project together with CARP members and GMP international members.

Three young people received the contents of 1 Day Divine Principle workshop (Principle of Creation, Human Fall and Principle of Restoration) and 13 others participated in the social project “Helping elders.”

Our lecturers prepared Principle of Creation, Human Fall and Restoration lectures. Each lecture lasted 30 minutes followed by 10minutes of discussion time and sharing centered on questions given by the lecturer.

Our object partners were aged between 15 to 19 years old and they had an open mind and many questions about the Divine Principle.

After the lectures we enjoyed lunch together; the meal was prepared by two of our lovely CARP members.

Later in our program we gathered to start the “Helping Elders” social project. Our purpose in initiating this project was to shorten the generation gap between young people and elders and make a positive give and receive relationship between the generations.

The volunteers prepared food packages and went out in teams to share them to the elders. The experience was very meaningful both for the young and the older people.

After the activity we had sharing time about the lessons we could gain from this experience.

The conclusion of the volunteers was very precious as they found joy in giving to others and will repeat the experience in the future.

Thank you our beloved True Parents and Heavenly Parents for your support!

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