Norway: Kickoff Event of Interreligious Project


By Knut Holdhus, FFWPU Norway

Marea Toresen and Knut Holdhus of the FFWPU Norway represented the Family Federation at the kickoff event of an interreligious project called «The Dissension Society» on 20th November. This is a project in which 37 different faith communities present their views through recorded videos. Each faith community are given the same 50 questions and is asked to produce a one-minute video for each answer.

The FFWPU has so far made 20 such videos, which have been published on the webpages of «The Dissension Society». The project is part of, run by Hans Olav Arnesen, an academic in the field of history of religion. This interreligious project is being embraced by the main interreligious body, «The Council for Religious and Life Stance Communities in Norway» and the kickoff event was held at their hall.

This is definitely a good opportunity for the FFWPU to present its views on important issues. The man behind the project has studied comparative religion, and the project resembles to some degree World Scripture, where all religions present their view on the same topics.

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