Moldova: Mobile Festival Surpasses Goal

Prepared by FFWPU Moldova

On November 8, 2018, we held a mobile festival in the city of AneniiNoi (“New Ann”)on the occasion of its City Day.

We set a goal of blessing 21 couples, but by the end of the day we had blessed 29 couples. Sabina Nadezhdin, the FFWPU national leader of Moldova, and two more sisters helped us.

This was the fifth mobile festival to be held in Moldova. Through such festivals, more than 120 couples in Moldova have received the Blessing.

Initially, we did not plan to hold the festival in AneniiNoi on City Day this year. But at the last moment we decided to do so.Two days before the festival,I (Natasha) had a dream about True Parents.

The district administration gave us permission to set up a table on the city’s central square, and the city administration helped us to choose the best location. We were surprised at how everything was prepared. Even the weather was very warm and sunny—18 degrees in the afternoon, although according to the forecast it should have been 11. Due to this, our team was able to be on the square for about six hours and not freeze. The team of sisters invested a lot of effort and was very helpful.

People were open and simple. My husband and I saw many familiar faces on the square, and we were glad that they took part in the festival. One couple, our neighbors from the street where we live, also went through the three steps of the festival. Now there are four couples on our street who have passed three steps of the Blessing.

We felt that we wanted to convey a great blessing of True Parents to our city. All the couples gave their contact information. One couple who have been married for 50 years—the former mayor and his wife—traveled to Chisinau, the capital, on November 10 to attend our program explaining about the 40-days separation and 3-day ceremony.

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