Italy: Religious Freedom Conference

Prepared by FFWPU Italy

On November 28th, in Florence, at the historic “Academy of Sciences and Literature – La Colombaria”, a conference was held on the theme of religious freedom in Italy.

The Family Federation Italy, held a speech, together with other Evangelical Churches, such as: Waldensian Church, Italian Mission for the Gospel, Assemblies of the Brothers, Salvation Army, Pentecostal Church and Christian Science.

The conference took place in a morning session, and in an afternoon session, and it was organized by the ” Piero Guicciardini Association”, dedicated to the name of a man who was a point of reference for evangelical movements in Italy.

Scholars and academics of the highest level participated, among them the Hon. Valdo Spini, Sen. Bagnoli, Prof. Margiotta Broglio.

The discussion brought out the fact that, at present, it is extremely difficult to find interlocutors in the government, to bring forward a new law for religious freedom in Italy.

So it was discussed to find alternative ways, among which to involve the Magistrates, up to the Strasbourg Court …

It’s a new beginning, we’ll see. From a providential point of view, I think it is a leap in quality that we could dialogue with other confessions, with which we can take a path together.

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