Italy: In Defense of Every Women


By Elisabetta Nistri, WFWP Italy

Our conference on November 14, 2018, was promoted by WFWP in cooperation with the writer and loyal ROBERTA D’AMORE to acknowledge people about the rights women have in the working place and to promote her book: “Without you I will not exist”, that is telling her deep but not always easy experiences as been mother now a days.

GEMMA GUERRINI representing the City Mayor VIRGINIA RAGGI, and President of the Committee on Equal Opportunity, after thanking the WFWP for its important mission and activities reported about the activities that the Municipality is promoting to combat Violence against Women. CINZIA GUIDO councillor for Culture and Equal Opportunities reported about Best Practices and activities on her District.

Virginia Vandini president of The value of feminine explained about the stereotypes we often face in society without recognising it. ELISABETTA NISTRI after introducing WFWP, presented Roberta’s book in details and the project to support (also with 30% of the selling books) the WFWP activities in Giordania in a Refugees camps to support and educate children and women.

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