Italy: Conference to Prevent and Combat Violence against Women

By Elisabetta Nistri, WFWP Italy

The conference was organized by the municipality with the purpose to prevent and combat Violence against women. 200 students from the High Schools attended it. The advocate and writer ROBERTA D’AMORE introduced her book on the value of women and maternity, the psychotherapist LORELLA ESPOSITO, explained some practical way to recognize and stop violence, the magistrate Dott.ssa Cristina Macchiusi made an introduction to the law that can protect women.

Elisabetta Nistri, President WFWP Italy, emphasized the importance for youth to build a mature and good character in order to be able to love yourself and love others in the proper way, that means with an altruistic and not selfish love. The president introduced also an Educative Programm, DISCOVER YOUR TALENT DEVELOP SOLIDARITY, promoted by WFWP and the Association FEMININE VALUE, that can be used for students in the school.

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