Italy: Christmas Celebration

by Sergio Coscia, FFWPU Italy

In our community, every year, we are happy to organize a special Christmas celebration. This year, we decided to dedicate this moment to reveal the true value of the Messiah based on the Divine Principle, the teaching by our founders, Father and Mother Moon.

That morning on December 16, 2018, was dedicated to understand how the spirit of Christmas that is usually presented differs so much from what it should be.

Christmas is not the holiday of goodness, of spending nice time with your family, and exchanging presents; it is the celebration of the birth of the Son of God who comes to bring salvation to all humanity, opening the gates to the realization of the kingdom of Peace as it should have been in the beginning of human history.

Humanity today does not know the purpose of God for the creation: to realize a world of Peace starting from his daughter and son who should inherit the heart of God, form a couple who lives in True, unconditional love, and absolute fidelity, and gives life to a humankind who lives by and multiplies goodness.

Unfortunately, because of the fall and the separation from God, based on selfish love, God’s children created a world of conflict that is still ravaging the lives of all human beings, despite the passing of time and the advent of Jesus Christ.

We went on to consider Jesus’ life course; how he was misunderstood by his family, by the people who were prepared to welcome the Messiah, and how he was left alone by his disciples who eventually betrayed and denied him. Yet, he chose to give his life in exchange of the lives of all humanity, following the path of sacrifice for the sake of God and the world – as he said: “Greater love has no one than this: to

lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13). His extreme sacrifice opened the way to resurrection and spiritual salvation. It is only after the Resurrection that the Holy Spirit could give new life to all disciples who joined Jesus in those days. Even the same disciples who had denied him experienced such a deep change, that from that moment on they were even ready to die as martyrs, but with their spirit well alive and strong with God’s love.

That is the origin of the Christian community: growing in faith and in expectation of the return of the Christ, as he clearly announced.

Our eternal gratitude goes to Jesus of Nazareth, who opened the gates for the return of the Savior, to our Heavenly Parent, who has had incessant hope and trust that humanity can recognize the Lord at his second advent, and to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity who are bestowing today their Blessing of love, welcoming all

the people back to God’s family.

At the end of these reflections, five of our new guests could receive the Blessing; being single, this day marks for them the beginning of a path of purification and rebirth and we were very happy to welcome them in our community.

After this we took our time to celebrate and enjoy: sharing lunch together and then celebrating with music, songs, and dances.

We sensed a deep spirit of brotherhood, and we could offer this beautiful day to our Heavenly Parent with deep gratitude.

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