Italy: A Forum for Friendship and True Values



by Elena Chirulli, CARP Italy

We organized a CINE FORUM on November 23, 2018. It was an occasion to deepen different themes, in order for them to be an educational stimulus for dialogue and discussion. Davide Chirulli gave a short and vivid presentation about CARP and its activities in Italy and abroad. This allowed the audience to know us more closely.

Then, we watched a movie “A street cat named Bob”, accompanied by snacks, appetizer and much more. Some guests also attended and the evening proved to be really interesting and stimulating. After watching movie, Davide guided a focused discussion, giving the participants opportunity to interact with each other and contribute to the program.

Later, showing to the audience some of CARP’s key points, Davide gave a short and heartfelt analysis of the movie. The evening was useful to deepen the understanding of some real life problems and discuss about current topics. It was a more conscious occasion to see the cross-section of everyday life lived by the protagonist, and by the characters with which this true story intertwines. A way to talk about not “empty” words, but, rather, to recover the true values in which CARP believes, to reawaken our awareness.

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