Germany: Christmas-Origami and Blessing

By Olaf and Kyoko Dageförde, FFWPU Germany

Last year, I initiated a ‚neighborhood action’. At that time there was nothing comparable on the internet site “”, but in the meanwhile more than 350 households have registered. Many different events, outreach actions, church events, walking groups etc, or simply the desire to meet, have found a base there.

In summer our family sent out invitations on the homepage to garden festivals, which were at- tended by several families. We chatted and grilled while the children played in the garden.

On 11 November, we invited our neighbors to a “Christmas-Origami“. On this occasion we were able to bless three couples and an older woman whose husband died last year and who is an active user of

We then held a second Origami event on 25 November, and in addition to an online announcement, we distributed leaflets in the immediate neighborhood to reach those who do not use the online portal. We received a lot of feedback in the way of calls or letters, expressing gratitude and saying

that this was great idea.

This event was attended by four couples, one sin- gle person, and two children, all of whom partic- ipated with great concentration. At the begin- ning we offered Holy Wine/Juice for the Blessing and then spoke a symbolic prayer.

Following this we introduced the Japanese art of folding paper, and everybody participated over the course of the next three hours. We served home-made cookies and coffee and everybody had a lot of fun.

We intend to continue neighborhood activities. We were able to bless a further couple on another occasion and last Sunday we could bless one couple and three singles at a party for our Sushi-Do employees.

Kyoko and I have been trying to figure out for a long time how we can fulfill True Parents’ desire and carry out this wonderful historical mission. It was only after the meeting with Ulli that we realized that we should see the Blessing as being on several levels. Changing the lineage is the start, and from this we can gradually continue until all levels of the Blessing are fulfilled by 430 couples. So it is certainly attainable. And, since we can include the street Blessings of 1997, it no longer appears impossible for us to achieve and fulfill.

For the past fifteen years we have been intensively involved in our business Sushi-Do, and have had little time to make social contacts. Now, as a result of my illness three years ago, I am no longer as resilient as I was but have thus more time to attend to family and neighbors. We can surely find a way to limit and help social isolation.

We started this action by asking ourselves the questions: ‚what do we have? ‘and: ‚what can we contribute?’ and we hope that we have more inspirations which we can then put into action.

At the end of October, we were able to bless and share a deep prayer with my brother who has been severely handicapped for more than forty years. I wish to continue to deepen the contact to our relatives and refresh the Blessing which we gave in 1997.

Kyoko and I wish for as long as possible, to be involved in this way to make CIG a reality in our immediate environment.


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