Dominican Republic: Inauguration of YSP

by Jake Laviña, YSP and CARP Dominican Republic

On 30th of November, 2018, Dominican Republic inaugurated the Youth and Student for Peace (YSP) at Auditorio Manuel del Cabral, UASD University with the collaboration with 5 schools and universities. The theme of inauguration is “the role of student in creating a culture of sustainable peace”. The event was participated by more or less 280 students and youth leaders from different places with the Professors and Youth Leaders. The program was start with the different presentations of youth. Rev Belliard the Regional Director of Heavenly America, Region 5 gave the opening remarks. In his message, he briefly explain the meaning of this inauguration. It was follow by the welcoming remarks of Professor Reyes, one of the Professor of UASD University where we held this event.

The Program were divide into 3 Parts. The first part was the Pure Love Lecture given by Mrs. Francisca, Lecturer of Women’s Federation. She gave a very powerful lecture about the importance of purity and the true meaning of marriage. It was follow by the recitation of Pure Love Pledge. Everyone signed the Pure Love Pledge form as their support to this very important education.

The second Part of the program was the speeches of the keynote student. Two keynote students gave the speeches about the theme of this event. The First one is Mr. Rafelito the current President of student council of the said University and the other is Mr. Tomoki, representative from Japan and one of the CIG Missionaries. In their messages they both emphasize that youth and students are very important and the hope of every family and nation. Through their speeches, the young participants are very inspired to be part of this organization and contribute to establish world of peace. After their speeches, 5 Presidents from different schools and universities received the certificates of Youth ambassador for Peace for their support and participation during the event.

Lastly, Mr. Jake Lavina the youth especial envoy of DR receive the appointment certificate as a President of YSP from Rev. Leonidas Belliard. His Inaugral Adress followed it. In his message, he explained the responsibility of Youth in Student in creating a culture of sustainable peace by emphasizing the 4 kinds of love. He emphasized that the youth and students are responsible to the 2 kinds of love, the children’s love and siblings love in creating a culture of peace. Next, it was follow by the signing of YSP Resolution led by all the VIP, Leaders and professors, 3 cheers of Eog Mansei and the commemorative Photo were conducted as the final part of the program.

Everyone is happy and inspired to be part of this event. We do believe that this YSP will take a very important role to educate and raise young people with the clear vision and understanding about their responsibility in creating a culture of Sustainable Peace.

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