Côte d’Ivoire: New Ambassadors for Peace

Prepared by UPF Côte d’Ivoire

Under the sponsorship of the President of the Federation for Universal Peace (FPU), Mr. AKA Sayé Lazare, the Regional Council of Peace of Moronou organized award ceremony our new ambassadors of peace on December 08, 2018, at the conference room of the Bongouanou Lake Hotel. This ceremony brought together 120 people including 11 Peace Ambassadors, traditional leaders, religious leaders and young people. The aim was to distinguish as Ambassadors of Peace the personalities identified and invited by teaching them the Five Universal Principles of Peace, so that they can become peacemakers in the region of Moronou.

The ceremony launched by His Excellency BOGUHUE Marius, Master of Ceremony and Deputy Secretary General in charge of studies began with the national anthem of Côte d’Ivoire, followed by the opening prayer said by Imam Cisse Abdoulaye. The welcome address given by His Excellency Mr. Yesso Anicet, Secretary General of the Regional Council of Peace of Moronou. Then the Deputy Secretary General in charge of the Organization, Yaboudjro Henoc presented the Five Universal Principles of Peace followed by a video presentation of the recent national and international activities of the UPF in Côte d’Ivoire, Peace Road and the visit of the co-founder Dr Hak Ja Han Moon to Zimbabwe, South Africa and Senegal.

The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the certificates of Ambassadors of Peace, His Excellencies Keita Amara and Yaboudjro Henoc. Three Peace Ambassadors gave their positive testimonies of the ceremony. The Vice-President of UPF Côte d’Ivoire representing the Chairman Mr. AKA Sayé Lazare, His Excellency Keita Amara, spoke about the history of UPF since its creation in the United States and Côte d’Ivoire. He showed the importance of UPF and the cardinal role that Peace Ambassadors must play. He quoted Peace Ambassadors already nominated in the West, Africa and Côte d’Ivoire. He urged them to neutrality, ethics and mobilization to finish.

The ceremony ended with the overall picture, a Christian prayer given by Mr. KOUASSI Lazare, and a cocktail at the place of personalities offered by the Secretary General of the Regional Council of Peace of Goh.

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