Benin: Divine Principle Seminars and Blessings for Religious Leaders


Prepared by FFWPU Benin

As part of the program of the Divine Principle Seminars and the Blessing for Religious Leaders, we organized a tour in northern Benin for 7 days.

National Leader and his wife together with the director of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah department and his wife were leading this tour.

There were 2 seminars in Natitingou, with 48 participants and in Djougou, with 70 participants, a total of 118 participants from various religious denominations.

The participants were very moved. These seminars confirm that all barriers are broken and we are living in a new era where all spheres can be quickly connected to True Parents.

Blessing Ceremony

During the Divine Principle Seminar and Blessing of Religious Leaders tour in the north of the country, there were two Blessings ceremonies for the Religious Leaders, in Natitingou with 8 couples on December 08, 2018 and in Parakou with 5 couples on 09 December 2018, in total 13 couples of Religious Leaders blessed during the tour.

The Religious Leaders couples were happy to take part in the Blessing and were committed to supporting the Blessing expansion movement.

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