Austria: Starting the Mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah

By Elisabeth Brander, FFWPU Austria

I participated in the Austrian meeting of HTM in September 2018. There were many inspiring testimonies and speeches. One thought stuck specially in my mind: Christoph Kral explained in his testimony: “I prayed to God: what is the purpose of the Blessing if the people don’t know much about its background?” God’s answer was the following: “It is a question of the right of ownership. The blessing gives God the opportunity to love the people, to guide and protect them. Maybe it takes 4, 40 or more years for them to develop, but eventually they will change to the better.”

With these thoughts in mind, I started to look for opportunities to share the Blessing.

I am a Croatian language teacher, as I am from the Croatian minority in Austria. I invited one of my students to the WFWP Christmas celebration. She came with 7 of her colleagues, and they immediately felt welcomed, so they agreed to participate in the Blessing.

After the Christmas party I visited the womens’ forum “Mimosas” which I came to know some time earlier. A guest speaker from Sarajevo introduced her book „The way to Peace”. After her presentation I shared the Holy Wine with her. Suddenly all the other women came up to us and wanted to share the wine as well. So I could share the Holy wine with 7 other women.

I was so moved and inspired by this experience that I continued to bless people: my cousin, her mother and my aunt could receive the Holy Wine at my cousin’s birthday, and in my language course I arranged a small Christmas celebration, during which I could bless all my students. I prayed the Blessing prayer in Croatian language which moved all the participants and brought us closer together.

My motivation to bless the people is as already mentioned to bring them onto God’s side and to lay a foundation for working with them in the future. Often I think of the Israelites’ situation when they marked their door with blood in order for God to see that they are on his side. I am grateful that we can give the Blessing in this way now and I pray that our foundation in our country and in the world can become stronger day by day.

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