Austria: My First 40-day Condition as Heavenly Tribal Messiah

Written by Ulrich Heider, FFWPU Austria

Go and share the Blessing of the Holy Wine!“ This was the message I derived for myself from the Austrian Leaders – and HTM meeting in Vienna. After we all signed the declaration of the HTMs, our family made a new beginning. I was very moved by this meeting, but it was clear to me that there would be challenges on the way.

1975, that is 43 years ago, I joined the Unification Church through my elder brother Peter. At that time persecution by the Catholic Church was very strong, which affected our parents and relatives as well.

1995 me and my family moved back to our hometown, a small village in Upper Austria, in order to do Home Town activities, which was not always easy.

I am a dental technician by profession, working for two dentists. After I decided to do the HTM mission, something unusual happened: private customers came to my laboratory which is in our private house, asking for services. I thought: this is God’s sign! I shared the Holy Wine with them and said a Blessing prayer. The customers were so touched that they asked for the written version of my prayer. Encouraged by this experience, I could bless more and more customers in that way.

In my spare time I work for the local council as a communal councilor. At one of our recent meetings I brought holy wine with me and shared it with all the local politicians. The atmosphere changed much to the better.

One night I had a dream of True Mother. It was so intense that I woke up at 3:00 in the morning. True Mother scolded us for not bringing more people to her speech in Vienna. Also, she urged me to pass on the Blessing. I couldn’t sleep afterwards, thinking how I could be more effective.

Next day a very religious woman came to the laboratory. She had to wait for one hour for me to finish all she had ordered. During this time, she was praying. As it was late, I took her home. There I could bless her and her husband, and we prayed together. They were so grateful that I shared the Holy Wine with them.

I had more and more experiences like these. God guided me in a wonderful way. One of the Blessings took place in a dental surgery, where I blessed the dentist and all the clients who happened to be there. They were so touched that they insisted to take a group photograph.

All together I could bless 21 couples in such unexpected ways.

Then a special event was coming up: my parents‘ 65. wedding anniversary. I was sure that God had a plan how I could use this occasion for the Blessing. I felt I had to give the Holy Wine in the Catholic church. After much thinking and sleepless nights, I developed an idea: I had a chalice made as a symbol of our family, decorated with seven pearls for the 7 children, 16 Swarovski diamonds for the grandchildren and 6 other jewels for the great grandchildren of our parents. Further, I ordered 65 small cups, one for each of the participants.

In the church I discussed with the priest that I intended to share a blessed wine with all of my family after the Holy Mass. Fortunately he agreed, and he gave his special blessing upon the wine as well. I could share the holy Wine with him and all the family members.

I felt this was a real victory on the family level. I was filled with the Holy spirit, so that on the same day I could bless the mayor and other officials of the village as well as several shop owners.

These were some of my experiences after I decided to share the Blessing as HTM. God has worked so hard to prepare the hearts of the people for the Blessing. The more we unite with God’s desire, the more people we will be able to bless.

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