Austria: Interreligious Round Table


By Marinela Stefanc, UPF Austria

On 28 November 2018, in the office of the IAPD (Blutgasse 3, 1010 Vienna, Peace Museum Vienna) was organized an inter-religious “Round Table” with the theme “The Oriental Orthodox Churches – especially the Syrian Orthodox Church: History, Teaching, the Situation in Homeland and in Austria “.

The main speaker was Dr. Emanuel Aydin, Chorepiscopus of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Austria. He spoke in detail about the origins of the Oriental Orthodox churches; how the different divisions came about, and how can the ecumenical dialogue, nowadays reconcile many differences and misunderstandings.

He described the work of Pro Oriente in the dialogue between the Catholic Church and the churches in the East as very fruitful.

At the end, he expressed his gratitude for the support of the Oriental Christian churches and their members from the Catholic Church and the country of Austria.

His comments were followed with great interest, which was also testified by many questions after the lecture.

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