Austria: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing

By Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

Several Blessed families from different regions of Austria became active in blessing couples of their community or their relatives.

We had a blessing ceremony held by the Wolf family on a classmate reunion. The second and third occasions were birthday parties. All together, they cold bless 71 couples in the last 2 months.

The Czerny family could hold 2 special blessings in their home: Wolfgang Czerny and his wife Keiko could bless Keiko’s Japanese parents who had been visiting them.

The second couple they blessed was the leader of a Nigerian Cristian Church in Vienna and his mother.

The Blessed families in Carinthia have blessed more than 600 couples by now in the last 2 months. They blessed their neighbors, friends and relatives, but also they did Blessing activities at a Family fair and on the market where 2 of the Blessed families are selling products. The community in Carinthia is one of the smallest communities in Austria, yet they could get one of the highest Blessing results until now.

In an Info booth of the Family Federation at a crowded market in Klagenfurt, 4 members were offering Holy wine and taking the contact details from the people.

In October 2018 the Chair couple of the Central European Region, Dieter & Ana Schmidt visited the small community in Carinthia.

In Styria the Hirschmann family could bless 50 couples this autumn. Suzuko Hirschmann recently blessed the members of an Ikebana study group in Graz which she is a member of. The teacher and the members all supported her in distributing the Holy Wine and writing the blessing prayer in German language, so that she could read it out to the group.

In the very west of Austria, in Vorarlberg, the Suarez family could bless 56 couples this year until now. Their most recent Blessing was done after a public lecture about Near Death experiences and life in the spirit world.

In Upper Austria, the Brunnbauer family could bless 208 individuals and families in the last 2 moths due to Johann’s business contacts.

In Vienna, Alois Seidl blessed friends and acquaintances on a daily basis. He also could already bless more than 100 families and individuals in that way. Some of them received the blessing at interreligious breakfast meetings and are leading religious groups themselves.

All together the Blessed families of Austria could bless 1504 families and individuals. Together with the public blessing ceremonies it is 1620 blessings in this year.

We are grateful for all the support we could get from our regional and European leaders, and most of all we thank our heavenly Parent and our True Parents that we can live in this exciting time of great blessings.

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