Zimbabwe: First Phase of Post National Blessing Divine Principle Workshop for Youths

Prepared by FFWPU Zimbabwe

We held a 2-day Divine Principle workshop on November 24-25, 2018, in Golden Conifer Events Centre, Harare, Zimbabwe.

143 youths participated in a two-day workshop on Divine Principle. These were the youths who served as ushers during the 40,000 Couples National Blessing held on November 21 2018, officiated by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

At the end of the 2 days’ workshop, 109 of them signed up for 7 days workshop.

Rev Mwalagho Kililo gave the lectures on Principles of Creation, The Human Fall, Mission of Jesus, History of the Providence of Restoration and the Meaning and Significance of the Blessing.

After Rev Kililo had explained the tremendous suffering that the True Parents had passed through to bring the Principle to humanity, he asked all participants rise and give a bow of appreciation to True Parents. And so they did.

These youths are now basically the direct spiritual children of True Mother. They were originally hired to serve as ushers for the 40,000 Couples National Blessing at the National Sports Stadium, in Harare. About 700 hundred of them were engaged for this service through the event managers that were contracted to help in organizing the Peace and Family “Peace Starts with Me … Peace Starts with Family” Festival.

This 2 Day Workshop therefore marks the first phase of an educational process to develop core membership in Zimbabwe.

As part of preparation for the Blessing Festival, the ushers were required to pass through an orientation seminar. That seminar involved a one-day Divine Principle education and the meaning of the Blessing Ceremony for which they were to serve as ushers. Participants were very excited with the seminar and with the upcoming event. They then signed-up for a 2 days workshop that would take place after the Blessing Festival, 24-25 November. About six hundred of them signed up.

As preparation for the Blessing Festival progressed, those 700 ushers, all wearing yellow t-shirts, joined a parade around the city of Harare on Saturday 18 November, to create awareness towards the Festival. They came out in large numbers and they were instrumental to making the parade a huge success.

Through the 2 days’ workshop, many of them are impressed about FFWPU’s emphasis on sexual purity.

  • They pledged to observe the code of conduct of sexual purity.
  • They also expressed the desire to bring their friends and remaining colleagues to participate in subsequences phases of the Divine Principle workshop.
  • They all want to be registered as FFWPU members.
  • And so they eagerly registered for an upcoming 7 days workshop.

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