Zambia: One Day IAPD Seminar

by Rudolf Faerber, UPF Zambia

The Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) Zambia Chapter  held a one-day Seminar for its members on Saturday, 10th November 2018 at Peacock Hotel in Lusaka. Around 40 p-articipantsThe meeting started with the guests present after 9 o’clock A.M. The Chairperson of IADP, Bishop Masupa, invited Bishop John Mambo to pray, and then he called on the Hon. General Masheke, UPF chair, for opening remarks.

The topic of the seminar was Family Values and the Responsibility of Religious Leaders.

This was the first open Seminar of IAPD after the inauguration on 7th May of this year. The committee of IADP, the FFWP&U Vice President Mr. Andrico Tshaba, UPF Zambia Chairman, Rt. Hon. Gen. Malimba Nathaniel Masheke, the UPF Zambia Secretary General, Rev. Rudolf Faerber, the staff, delegates, Journalists and many guests of various Christian churches, represented by their Bishops or Senior Leaders, Muslims, and Baha’is were full of expectation about the seminar. How will it be possible to harmonize the different faiths within the meetings topics? It is different when meeting and discussing administrative matters. Will it function to create a consensus and work together with 3 different religions and so many Christian denominations present?

The first subject was on leadership which is so crucial in our time. The past has shown many conflicts arising out of differences between leaders. The breakdown of the family and the escalating youth crises are another critical issue to be solved in order to maintain peace and order. Environmental awareness is increasing, but no practical answers are available for a remedy: degradation of the quality of life and nature, food security and health issues are increasing problems of today.

It was clear to the guests that the Godly family is the key to resolving such problems, we must deal with the cause not just symptoms of ailments as various scriptures and Rev Moon are teaching.

As a preliminary lesson we presented on the Future of Religion as one Family under God, a mutually accepted model.

What is God’s Ideal of Creation?  was the theme of the next presentation.

After all expositions Bishop Masupa offered a good summary which led to lively question- and answer sessions. To our surprise we found the discussants in agreement: we talked to members of different religions and churches, but now becoming one family! Even the Grand Mufti contributed very encouraging answers.

After lunch break, we talked about the Process of Restoration and Peace keeping starting from me and my family. The last topic was the introduction of the Family Blessing of Rev and Mrs. Moon including the 5 steps to receive the Blessing. All the lectures were given by rev. Faerber. The delegates saw the sense in it and decided to participate in the ceremony and a new start as a family. Bishop Masupa gave a good testimony as he experienced the Blessing and its good fortune that came with it.

It was arranged to have another such gathering for all to receive the Blessing and renew their marriages. Several experienced epiphanies during this time we shared together. Talking with a serene mind we left the hotel for home when a warm and peaceful evening sunset bode us farewell.

The seminar was covered by several media houses and was aired in the Television nationwide.

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