With Hungarian Blessed Families

Prepared by FFWPU Hungary

Divine Principle Education:

  • During this time we held 2 times 3-day Divine Principle Seminar, one in Gyor City and the other one in Szigethalom.
  • In the Peace Embassy, Budapest we organized evening lectures as well. The lecturer was a young 2. Generation member
  • Public lecture in rented lecture hall in Budapest – about Spirit World

Heavenly Tribal Messiahs:

  • 23rd of September in the Peace Embassy we held a Heavenly Triable Messiah Resolution Ceremony
  • The Zahora Couple (Attila and Leonita) visited their relatives in Philippine and blessed 36 couples who started the 40-day separation period right after the Blessing Ceremony.
  • Preparation meeting for Blessing Ceremony in Christian Church Community

Four Days IRFF Volunteers Camp:

During the autumn vacation in School, the IRFF Hungary used the chance to organize Volunteers camp, service project in Pecs City. It was a very lovely and inspiring few days what the 1st and 2nd generation members of blessed families and outside people spent together for public service. We could learn about the true meaning of unconditional service and giving, same time putting into practice all those beautiful ideas.

HARP Hungary DAY:

The 13+ age 1st and 2nd Generation youth attended a HARP-day. The first part of the program they learned about God’s Ideal of Creation especially the three great blessings. After the lectures, they shared their thoughts and ideas with each other. After the lunch the youth went to the nearby public park and collected garbage, cleaned up the area.

Art-works exhibitions and cultural programs:

In the Peace Embassy we continue to offer a platform for UPF-AFPs or others to exhibit their art-works. As part of the events we always introduce the work of True Parents and some part of their teachings. We read from True Father’s autobiography, Divine Principle or from Peace Messages.

Other activities in our Communities:

  • Remembering of our brother, Mr. Istvan Ujvari who passed away one year ago
  • Meeting with the Albanian Ambassador
  • FFWPU offering clothes and shoes for people in need
  • Lecture serial continued by UPF-AFP introducing the Jew traditions and culture
  • 3 days Hungarian Movement Leaders meeting for aligning with True Parents and the current Providence

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