With Austrian Blessed families

By Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

An Interreligious Prayer Breakfast was held on October 13, 2018

This time a member of the Freemason’s Club explained about their goals and activities, which was very informative. We learned that the main goal of the Fremasons is to cultivate their character and by that to serve humanity. Other speakers were two young people wo practice chanting every week in order to gain inner peace, as well as a Catholic priest and, last but not least, the Family Federation.

About 45 persons attended the meeting, the majority of them being guests.

On Oct. 15-18, 2018, the European and Middle East Regional Chair’s couple, Dr. Michael & Fumiko Balcomb, visited Austria in order to open the European IAPD office in Vienna.

On the evening of October 18th they spoke to around 40 members of the Vienna community. Dr. Balcomb opened his speech with the question “What does True Mother like most?” And he explained that, like every mother, True Mother likes to gather her children around the table and share a meal with them. His description of the difference in character of True Father and True Mother made everybody cheer up and focus the attention on the speech.

Mrs. Balcomb shared her experience of blessing her relatives in Japan, which encouraged the brothers and sister who were present to take care of their own relatives more.

In his main speech Dr. Balcomb appealed to everybody to make great efforts to fulfil the goal of each blessed family to bless 430 couples and more, as True Mother’s mission is to bless all the 7.6 billion people of the world. Through many examples and practical advice he strengthened everybody’s belief that it is possible to reach this goal. Finally we agreed that until Foundation Day 2019 there will be 7 successful Heavenly Tribal Messiahs in Vienna!

Thank you for the visit, for conveying True Parents’ heart and all the investment!

A 1-day workshop for 2nd gen couples took place in Vienna on Oct 26, 2018

Blessed Family Federation leader Heidi Maier conducted the seminar with the help of Daniela Thery, a 2nd gen mum of 3 children. 10 couples participated.

Here is a short summary from Daniela:

Mrs. Maier gave inputs on the following topics:

  • Differences in character of man and woman
  • how to create vertical and horizontal traditions and live by them
  • Generational conflicts: the importance of respecting the other’s decisions. Yu have to build your own identity as a couple.

In the afternoon we talked about conflict management, including role plays.

This was a precious day with many important inputs and enough time for sharing. In the future want to do similar meetings regularly.”

On October 28, 2018 a workshop for guests and future Blessing candidates was held under the theme „Today’s Families and the Ideal Family”

The first lecture was given by Elisabeth Cook on the topic of today’s situation of the families in contrary to an ideal state of the family.

After a break Dr. Wolfgang Czerny gave the second lecture on the Human Fall, restoration and the Blessing. After the lectures there was time for discussion which gave the guests opportunity to express themselves and to ask questions.


13 guests attended, and they decided to participate in the next Blessing ceremony on 10th November.

We had not held a seminar recently, so we were happy to share this content with our guests.

After the seminar the guests joined the Korean Cultural Evening which had been prepared by CARP and the Sun Moon Missionaries. They were greatly inspired by the efforts of the young people to present their culture despite their language difficulties.

In the afternoon of October 28th, 2018, a “Public speaking and MC training seminar was held for HARP and CARP members of Vienna.

Elisabeth C. together with 2nd gen senior HARP leader Lukas conducted the seminar. After an explanation about what to consider when speaking in public and how to prepare for being MC at the Sunday Service, the participants had time to practise in small groups how to master body language, the tone of voice and the facial expression. It was very inspiring and on times very funny. The HARP members could learn a lot and are now more confident to speak in public.

They took the example of a very famous German politician! Besides all these activities HTM families started to bless their friends and relatives.

We thank Heavenly Parent and True Parents for all the guidance and protection we could experience during last month and we will do our best to bring joy to their heart!

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