USA: Chicago Welcomes the Cheongpyeong Spirit


Prepared by FFWPU USA

The final Cheongpyeong Special Event 2018 America Tour took place in Chicago, Illinois at the Crowne Plaza O’Hare Hotel which welcomed 800 guests on November 3 and 4.

The preparation process portrayed a united team of second-generation Unificationists working hard to bring this event together. Rev. Hyungtae Ha, who served as the emcee for the weekend, said he saw strong spirits during the unison prayer where Unificationists strived to create a deeper connection with Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

The Collegiate Associate for the Research of Principles (CARP) had just finished a Midwest tour and ended with a bang by bringing their lively spirits to the Cheongpyeong event in Chicago. Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, said he felt the high spirits especially when he turned to leave the prayer room after writing out his wish papers, where he was visited by his ancestors who told him to come back and pray some more.

President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, Rev. Richard Buessing said, “While I was doing chan yang on other people, I felt they were my children. And I thought to myself, ‘Do I see everybody like God sees everybody? Do I love everybody like God loves everybody?’” The event felt like a family reunion where Unificationists saw friends and acquaintances they hadn’t seen in a while. Midwest Subregional Director, Rev. David Rendel said, “This experience for me was like being in heaven. I had my own spiritual awakening during the Liberation Ceremony.”

Although each tour was unique to its own subregion, the same Cheongpyeong spirit was present and everybody was reborn


“I want just thank God and True Parents for their love for us to bring Cheongpyeong to the USA. Chicago, Illinois is very close to where I live which allowed me and my family to attend this special event. Generally speaking, this event show as how God and True Parents love us for all we are. I thank True Mother for her sacrifices and her full heart of love towards us. Thanks to all the Cheongpyeong representatives who came to show their love, devotion and commitment through their hard work.” – Louis Amisi Ngandu

“Thank you to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for this incredible grace of Cheongpyeong ancestor liberation and blessing. One of the ways I prepared for the 2-day workshop in Chicago was to learn about my ancestors. I discovered over seven generations of ancestors, including a connection to George Washington. It was very powerful to know their names and backgrounds as a preparation to liberate them and other ancestors. When the first chan yang session started, I couldn’t help but cry. Even though the leaders said we needed to sing during chan yang, I couldn’t sing through the tears that lasted several verses. I was so repentful on behalf of my ancestors and so sad for the difficult situations my family members were going through. Once the tears were gone, I started singing and looking at the chan yang team, feeling so grateful that this pain and ancestral suffering could be healed and liberated. By the time the chan yang session finished, I felt so free and liberated. The whole room felt lighter. When I started chan yang on the second day, I was full of joy, hope, and gratitude. True Parents have given us a way to purify ourselves and come closer to the true love of God. I feel renewed by this incredible grace. Thank you, True Mother, for bringing this grace to America. We hope we can welcome Cheongpyeong back to America again next year and accomplish vertical and horizontal victory of 430 liberation and blessing!” – Teresa Rischl

“I was so impressed by the professionalism of the Cheongpyeong staff who conducted the special event. Their explanations and videos about the spirit world and what happens when our ancestors are liberated and blessed was very educational for me. It was so easy to understand and accept Rev. Lee and Rev. Moon’s lectures on the spirit world. I am so happy our couple came to Chicago for the special event. Rev. David Rendel did a wonderful job organizing the event and Rev. Hyungtae Ha was excellent as the emcee.” – Mark Lincoln

“During the unison prayer at the end of the chan yang session, I felt some kind of energy coming thorough my body and kept my eyes closed. Suddenly, I felt a warm embrace around my shoulders. I thought it was my son, Sean, hugging me because that’s how it felt. But it wasn’t him because he was on the stage. When I tried to slightly open my eyes, I saw my dad hugging me. I quickly closed my eyes again and couldn’t stop crying. I miss him a lot and thought that this is his way of saying everything is alright. Thank you, chan yang team for the energy because without you, I never would have experienced this.” – Celine Garrison

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