Ukraine: Witnessing Campaign for the Second Generation

Prepared by FFWPU Ukraine

After attending a three-day workshop, middle-school Ukrainian Second Generation youth visited our witnessing centers for three days: October 30 – November 1.

The first group went to Zhytomyr city, the second group went to Kharkiv city, and the rest stayed in Kyiv. Nine children took part in the witnessing campaign.

The young people lived in witnessing centers together with brothers and sisters and followed the common schedule. They did street witnessing with center members, participated in prayer conditions, night vigils and cultural programs with guests.


“I understood that witnessing means changing me. I tried to become a friend for people whom I approached on the street.”

“My goal was to be more confident and humble when I approached people on the street. I tried to overcome my unwillingness and to strive for the goal. Also I understood that witnessing is making new friends.”

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