Spain: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing


By Osamu Tomita & Mercedes Gonzalez, FFWPU Spain

We signed a private Resolution on Saturday, September 8, 2018, with prayer on the altar of our house and we offered it to God. We framed it and put it in our bedroom to see it every day and remember our pledge.

The next day Sunday, September 9th in the morning at the Headquarters of the FFWPU in Madrid we made the Official Resolution together with other blessed couples. Once again, we put the official banner of our True Mother hanging in our bedroom.

We began to pray every day asking God to guide us on how to start and what to do to achieve it. We ask for an action plan. Asking and asking always the same idea came in response: “Go to the Retiro Park and there make a World Blessing and Holy Marriage Campaign and dress in white to all the married couples as you do in the

Events”. Then I started designing the format for the Campaign. I finished it and then I went little by little looking for all the different elements to offer the 5 steps required. By constantly asking the Holy Spirit ideas came to me.

Having all the materials prepared, we decided to begin our work for God, His Providence and the True Parents on Sunday, September 23rd, in the morning. We had a hard time finding a parking lot the first day we went around a lot until we could find a space to park the car. We found an entrance that is the only entrance in the Retiro with stairs. My husband carried the table pulled by a metal charger and I carried a suitcase with everything inside. Once inside the Retiro Park, I began to pray asking God to help us find the right place to do the Blessings with His Holy Spirit.

We found a bench in the shade and there we put the table with all the material. We pray that: “Please help us to find good Christian couples and with a common base to accept the True Parents”. I asked “Jesu Nim” for help so that his children, the Christians, can receive the Blessing of God.

With the stole on and the questionnaire of three questions I started to stop the couples, after a while the first couple from Spain, when I read them the three points as a wedding vows, I started to cry because I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The wife began to almost to cry with me and so it was with the following couples, on that day we were able to give 4 Blessings. The next three wives, we embraced weeping and felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. I think Jesus Nim helped us a lot.

My husband and I did not feel alone at any time it was obvious that God was helping and supporting us. After a few hours we decided to leave to continue the following Sunday. This had been our first day and we had a long journey ahead to get the 426 more we had left to fulfill, with determination and effort we were determined to fulfill it. Thus, we continue on the following Sundays of September and October.

The second Sunday of the campaign on September 30, it was difficult internally and externally. We had to work with a hippie girl who occupied our bench and having patience at the end she left and wished us a lot of success in what we were doing. Many ideas came to me from how difficult it would be on Sundays in the harsh winter and we had a huge goal to accomplish. Another Mount Everest like the one I had to climb to get the money for the donations of the 210 g of blessed ancestors, the 8 lines. So we continue on Sundays, October 7th and 14th.

I started to work at Home Church on the 5th, 8th and 12th of October during the week. I went to Galapagar and there, going up and down stairs with the suitcase and the second day with a backpack, I gave the Blessing to couples with a lot of effort and difficulty, it was not easy.

However, everything changed when I heard the words of the Rev. Michael Balcomb and the explanations, he gave us to get the result of 430. From that day everything changed. I started looking for all the records of the 1997/98, the Blessings in Malaga – Torremolinos and then with UPF and Pure Love Education Academy until 2018. Adding all that, the goal to meet was 48 more married couples and people. And of those 48 we already had very few left, to reach the goal.

I prepared a new questionnaire with the questions related to the fulfillment of the Three Blessings as the way and the formula for World Peace. So, starting on Saturday, October 20 and Sunday, October 21, we also began giving Blessings to young people and engaged couples. Only the people who supported the Three Blessings were given the Holy Wine, prayer and holy water. Everyone in the photo had the paper of the Three Blessings to remember what kind of campaign and points they had supported.

Finally, on October 24th and 25th, we only had 11 marriages or people to reach. I decided to go to Galapagar and visit people in their places of work such as shops, restaurants, coffee shops and on the street. Without a table where to put all the material that was in the backpack, everything was externally more difficult. I started and with a lot of constant prayer, guidance and determination I was able to achieve the goal in those two days.

The last day in particular I worked from 11:15 to 14:48 h. to do the last 7 blessings. This was the last part of the race and I was determined to fulfill it no matter how long it took but with the help of God I had to get it. When I had only three left, I entered the Catholic Church and asked God with all my heart to guide me to find the people prepared, again I prayed to Jesu Nim asking for his guidance to find his children. On the street, a young girl when she saw how difficult it was to do the act of Blessing with all the things I had to use, in the end she gave me a big hug.

So, the last person arrived, a married lady from Honduras, who did everything and the photo as well, but she did not give me the cell phone or the email, so I thought: How am I going to end up with this lady that after I can’t take care of her? Then I decided to continue and do another person more.

God sent me, Wendy, a married lady from Honduras and with a precious baby to finish the 430 Blessings. It was already 14:48 on this day October 25th. As I was walking towards the bus I looked to Heaven and I offered God, True Parents, His Holy Spirit, Jesu Nim, Blessed Ancestors and Saints of Spain three Cheers of Eog-Mansei !!!

It was wonderful to feel that the efforts made from 1997 to the present-day God could claim it for the Victory of the 2020 Vision of our beloved and respected True Mother and the building of Cheon iL Guk. It has been a beautiful experience to work in unity with God and my husband Osamu san as a united trinity to fulfill the goal of the 430 Blessings and for our mission as Heavenly Tribal Messiah, in my hometown of Madrid and my country of Spain.

I have been an international missionary in 5 different countries and I was abroad doing God’s work for 20 years. My reflection is that I could help God in all these years because of the help of the heavenly work of Dae Mo Nim and CP. I could attend several WS and do more than 120 days. I think this has been the key so that the Holy Spirit could help me to do this important mission. I could carry my cross and persevere because of the Heavenly Work of Purification and Rebirth of CP Holy Ground of Heavenly Parent and True Parent. Eternally grateful!!!

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