Austria: Solidarity Evening for an Afghan Ethnic Group


Prepared by FFWPU Austria (November 18, 2018)

In preparation for True Mother’s visit to Vienna end of April this year we contacted many different religious and ethnic groups, among them several Afghan groups who are resident in Austria. We kept the contact to them, and friendships developed between us and several group leaders.

Over the last month, we planned a Family festival for one of these groups. Unfortunately many of their compatriots in Afghanistan were shot recently, so we changed the Family Festival to a solidarity event with the families whose friends or relatives had been killed.

From the Family Federation Elisabeth C. gave a short speech about God’s providence, which aims at having peace throughout the whole world and the centrality of marriage and family. Johann Hinterleitner represented UPF, speaking about the 5 Principles of Peace.

The Afghan speakers commemorated the recent events in Afghanistan and expressed their compassion for the situation as well as their desire to inform the public about what happened.

Despite the sad spirit of all the participants, we could conduct the Blessing ceremony, which they gratefully accepted. More than 40 families could receive the Blessing.

In another hall of Headquarters, there was an exhibition of paintings by a young Afghan artist, as well as children’s paintings and photographs of Afghanistan’s most beautiful nature sites.

Towards the end of the program we all lit small candles which were arranged in the shape of “Peace” on the table and said silent prayers.

We are so grateful that we could come to know such precious people and share the Blessing with them. In the future, we will cooperate with them on various levels.

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