Slovakia: A Talk on Cold War Era

By Barbara Grabner, UPF Slovakia

President Ronald Reagan contributed hugely to the end of the Cold War 30 years ago. A historic turning point UPF Slovakia used to analyze the president´s convictions and strategy. Part of the story was the decisive contribution, which The Washington Times and its founder made leading to the abolishment of Soviet communism.

On November 8, 2018, the Slovak chapter invited the publisher Juraj Lajda from Prague to give a talk based on the book “Reagan´s War” by Peter Schweitzer. Dr. Lajda translated and published the book into the Czech because in former Communist countries there are especially many misconceptions about Reagan.

The event took place in an office building in the center of the Slovak capital. The presentation with several embedded videos captured the audience of 30. Reagan´s struggle and final triumph over communism were highlighted in well-done fashion; even the young people showed great interest in the political odyssey which was central to bringing down the Evil empire. The president´s mission to defeat Communism was a lifelong ideal of his until the famous “Tear down this wall” speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in June 1987.

The last part of the talk focused on the contribution of The Washington Times founded by Rev. Moon. If this paper would not have been established in 1982, the Cold War could have evolved into global nuclear destruction. The daily was the most quoted newspaper in the broadcasts of “Radio Free Europe“ and “The Voice of America“. The tribute was shown which Reagan paid to staff of the

Times in his video message “…and, Yes, we won the Cold War“. Reagan like Moon, the UPF founder did not receive the credit he deserves for his role in the defeat of the Soviet Communism.

The presentation which was moderated by UPF secretary general Milos Klas concluded with a lively and long Q&A session.

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