Paraguay: Interreligious Blessing Ceremony

Prepared by FFWPU Paraguay

On October 27, 2018, ACLC Paraguay realized its first Interreligious Blessing Ceremony in the Catholic Church, Divine Mercy Sanctuary with 25 participants.

The environment was prepared with some beautiful catholic songs. The Catholic Bishop Rafael welcomed the couples and other members. Then Prof. Gustavo Giuliano gave a speech about how to strengthen the relationship of a couple and family, introducing the Holy Blessing.

President of ACLC, Pastor Pedro Acosta, then gave some remarks about the meaning of the Blessing after which He and his wife Tania gave the Holy Wine to the couples and members present.

Bishop Benito Gill then offered the Blessing Prayer.

The couples were deeply moved in tears and they were all so grateful for the Blessing. The bishops then said they are so inspired and want to make more Blessing ceremonies including in other churches.

At the end everyone shared a refreshment.

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