Mali: Seminar for Sufi Community

Prepared by FFWPU Mali

We held one-day seminar for the Sufi community of Mali, which according to several remarks is the most Abel of Muslim communities. We had 70 participants including Imam and the religious leader. This seminar was a great success.

In fact this community participated in our various gatherings in the past and they have been working with FFWPU Mali for a few years. This seminar was the first special workshop, it was covered by the national television of Mali (ORTM), and it was presented in a newspaper of on October 28, 2018.

The participants, in particular the mayor of the municipality, testified to the importance of these types of seminars and promised to give an account to those who are entitled so that each district can delegate a few people for future trainings. They said these seminars will help the commune to develop through good citizens willing to sacrifice, protect and care for each other for a better world and peace.

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