Lithuania: Second Generation HJ Autumn Seminar


By Aram & Roma Karagezian, FFWPU Lithuania

The HJ Autumn Seminar “We are the Youth, Soldiers of the Truth!” for elder blessed children (13-15) of Lithuania was organized from November 1st to 3rd. 4 participants and 3 staff members took part in the seminar, making 7 of us in total. The main goal of the seminar was to delve deeper into the meaning of being a blessed child and how to deal with everyday life which may not always encourage the Heavenly Standard towards which we strive in all aspects of life.

Every day had it’s own theme, beginning from “Heart and Soul – My Identity” to “Purity and Relationships” and finally “Attitude and Character”. There were also plenty of activities for self expression and creativity, as well as physical exercises. In general the participants enjoyed the short time they could spend together, as well as the more mature and focused spirit of the seminar and are looking forward to more such seminars in the future.

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