Italy: The Family- A Common Base Of All Religions


By Stefano Stefani, UPF Italy

On November 11, 2018, at the Hotel Europa in Bologna, the Public Conference on Inter-religious Dialogue was held on the theme: The Family: a Common Base of all Religions, with the participation of 36 guests.

The Imam Ataul Wasih Tariq, national vice president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at,  expressed several concepts about the family taken from the Koran: a believer can understand God through a affectionate and tender relationship with a woman, the woman is considered sacred and is the proof of the existence of God. The Muslim must take care of the education of children who are the future, take care and serve their parents; unfortunately today the rights are underlined, but not the responsibilities.

The second speaker, Dr. Silvia Guetta, from the Department of Education and Psychology of Florence, Member IHRA, Member of the Board of Directors of the UNESCO Center of Florence and Mediator of the Feuerstein Method Basic Standard of Instrumental Enrichment of Jewish origin, emphasized that all Judaism is based on the family discourse. Man and woman were created together to be complementary: the Jewish people start from the family. The same genealogy of every person: “Son of …” expressed in the Bible, expresses the importance of the generational passage. This is why the Fifth Commandment “Honor the father and mother” is so important, to rediscover the affections, the well-being and sharing in the family. Parents must teach through a sincere, straightforward dialogue. In the family we learn while doing: in the Jewish holidays, in the importance of study. Even the children who were in concentration camps, if they were with their parents, did not lose a day of study, even knowing that the day after they could die.

The third and last speaker, Carlo Zonato, National President of UPF (Universal Peace Federation) emphasized that the mission of this federation is to put the family with God at the center, because all the faiths highlighted that humankind has disconnected from God and remained an orphan and the harmony of faiths is a common assonance of cooperation. The family is the fundamental link to rebuilding peace because it is a school of love. The family is responsible for the three famous blessings: “Grow, multiply and dominate the earth” With the freedom that comes from the practice of this commandment, we can find the answers to world’s problems.

At the end of event there was the usual group photo.

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