Italy: Presentation of UPF Vision in a Catholic Parish

Prepared by UPF Italy

It has been years since Alberto and Gerlinde Pugnoli, members of Milan community, are making effort to carry forward the Heavenly Tribal Messiah providence in their city of Crema where they are pioneers.

Alberto and Gerlinde spend time in prayer and service particularly towards the parish of the catholic church of the neighborhood they live in. There’s not been a single day that Gerlinde didn’t go to pray at San Bernardino church; all this didn’t go unnoticed.

When Alberto showed to Don Lorenzo, the local parson, the pictures of the MEPI interreligious activities he attended he was really impressed; and when he gave him a copy of True Father’s autobiography he welcomed it and read it with sincere interest remaining impressed by its content. Alberto then proposed to organize a meeting in the local parish to deepen the understanding of UPF vision and activities.

Don Lorenzo welcomed enthusiastically the idea and organized the meeting placing it within the October Month for Missions series of events. Don Lorenzo himself took care of the flyer and the poster, moreover he publicized the event both in the local newspaper and in the magazine of Cremona’s diocese Il terrazzo. The event had the title: “Right to Peace”, and it took place the 23rd of October, in the big all of the oratory. The atmosphere was really cordial and friendly.

Carlo Zonato, national UPF president, presented the UPF vision of an achievable world of peace and the various related activities; while Renato Vallone, local pastor and Milan UPF president, based on Saint Paul’s hymn to love and a couple of slides of the character education course, talked about the centrality of heart with respect to intellect and emotion, about the brotherhood of faiths centering on true love, and of our right, centering on heart deep desire, to dream of peace and be peacebuilders, with shared strong values, of the world of happiness and of mutual prosperity.

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